Baumüller at Hannover Messe 2022 solutions for mechanical engineering and production

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Baumüller, the specialist for automation and innovative electric drive technology, will invite interested parties to a daily digital event during the Hannover Messe being held from May 30 to June 2. At this event, Baumüller experts will give live presentations on topics such as sheet metal production and series wiring for machine and plant manufacturers, autonomous mobile robots (AMR) for production and intralogistics, and more. The event will kick off with a guided tour of the Motion Arena, our virtual trade fair stand.

Motion Arena: Showroom for drive technology and topics of the future

There is a lot to discover in Baumüller’s digital showroom. In nine rooms, visitors can access information on the most recent products, innovative drive and automation solutions, and projects. Videos, infographics, texts, reference stories, machines, and exhibits will furnish ample visual material to illustrate the different topics.

On May 30 at 3 p.m., Matthias Beetz, training engineer at Baumüller, will take all registered interested parties on a guided tour. Apart from the topic of high-performance servo hydraulics for drive systems, such as those used in injection molding machines and presses, the live tour will explore the rooms of Baumüller SmartValue and Smart Monitoring. Baumüller SmartValue stands for the added value that intelligent drive technology has to offer for mechanical engineering and machine operators. It allows the use of intelligent drives as a data and sensor hub, among other things. The tour will conclude with a look at water-cooled electric motors, where Beetz will explain the application scenarios for which these motors are the right choice. Questions are always welcome.

From sheet metal parts to completely wired control cabinets

In addition to sheet steel, stainless-steel and aluminum solutions are manufactured at the Baumüller Dravinja production site in Konjice, Slovenia. The products, including control cabinets, housings, and machine casings, are powder-coated and installed on machines or systems, for example. From component design to production, the experts at Baumüller Dravinja cover the complete range of services for cases such as demanding one-off production through to large-scale production.

Specific industry requirements also receive due attention. For example, medical technology and the food industry place particularly high demands on materials and processing when it comes to hygiene and durability.

In the webinar on June 1, we will use a best-case scenario to show you how Baumüller Dravinja proceeds from idea to prototype construction to series production. The live event with Key Account Manager Stefan Meyer will begin at 3 p.m. on the topic: “Complete mechatronic solutions from a single source: Precise, individual & efficient.” The expert will remain available for individual questions afterwards.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) as an efficiency turbo

AMR systems are flexible transport solutions for all kinds of different application areas, such as intralogistics, machine loading, test and diagnostics technology, as well as the pharmaceutical and health care sector. The AMRs can be equipped with different mountings from 100 to 300 kg.

In times of a short supply of skilled workers and increasing cost pressure, AMRs can be used, for example, to complete more monotonous and high-risk tasks – such as heavy lifting work. This frees up staff capacities for more complex work with higher added value.

In his webinar scheduled for June 2 at 3 p.m., Jörn Meißner, Sales Manager Automation + AMR, will hold a talk focusing on “Using AMRs to deal with staff shortages, decrease costs, and increase efficiency.”

Digital live events

The free events will take at 10 a.m. in German and at 3 p.m. in English.


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