New KOMBITAST emergency-stop with IP69K

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Harvesting machines, drills, special transporters or snow removal machines: Those machines face harsh and inhospitable conditions. However, not all of the used technical parts are proofed against such demanding environments. For the emergency-stop safety area, there is now a solution: The companies Data Panel and SCHLEGEL joined forces and developed an especially robust emergency-stop that withstands even the hardest of operating conditions.

Mobile machines operating in outdoor areas and dealing with weather or excessive cleaning have to be prepared for such applications – which is not always the case, confirms Data Panel CEO Jörg Krautter, «The feedback from the market was more than clear.» This feedback kick-started the whole emergency-stop project: «The requirement for an especially robust emergency-stop came from the field.»

Data Panel and SCHLEGEL commonly accepted the challenge and developed an emergency-stop for mobile machines. «We wanted to achieve significant improvements to what is available on the market already», says SCHLEGEL´s managing director about the starting point of the project. They fulfilled this demand with the new button. «The emergency-stop is designed for a machine´s life-long application», emphasises Jörg Krautter.

Dust, dirt and moisture are omnipresent on the fields or on construction sites – all this is no problem for the new button: The emergency-stop has the highest degree of protection of IP69K on the front and is therefore protected against dust as well as water and can also be exposed to high-pressure cleaning. Thanks to the encapsulated design on the rear we guarantee a degree of protection of IP65 if the cable is connected. On its inside a Gore sealing prevents the penetration of moisture, but at the same time allows for air to exit – this is important to ensure the reliable function of the emergency-stop.

The plastic has also been optimised for outdoor conditions: The emergency-stop is resistant to UV light so it will not pale out in the long term, but will keep its bright yellow colour – which can be decisive in the case of an emergency.

The connection is perfect for the industry sector: Commercial vehicles and mobile machines often use a DEUTSCH plug. The compatible, high-pressure cleaning resistant MDC04-4P plug interface with UV and abrasion resistant PUR 4 x 0,75 mm² sheathed cable allows a fast and tool-less installation that corresponds with the requirements of the industry sector. With the corresponding connecting cable (7072-72161-569xxxx) longer distances inside a machine can be bridged via «plug and play».

M12 connections with vibration protection

The emergency-stop is additionally available with M12 connection which allows a simple and fast integration in installation concepts that use these prevalent round plugs. The M12 connections have a stainless steel screw attached, have 4 poles, are A coded and possess a vibration protection.

Further outline data for the new emergency-stop: The Kombitast M12 comes with 2 NC contacts and is designed for a panel cut-out of 30.5 mm. It has an anti-lock collar and a status indication. It is designed for an operation voltage of 35 V DC and an amperage of 2 A. The new Kombitast can also be ordered as a start-stop button with grey collar and black mushroom head.

Both companies offer a mounting enclosure for a simple fastening of the emergency-stop on the machine. With this practical solution a fast mounting of the button without major interventions on the machine is possible. At the same time the mounting plate provides additional protection for the button.

The project brought together what fits together: Data Panel has specialised itself on developing, producing and counceling of modular, decentralised and robust installation solutions for mobile machines and added their expertise to the project. As a specialist for emergency-stops, Schlegel could add its development know how and its wide field of experience, especially for customised projects. Thanks to this collaboration of market knowledge and development know how the first emergency-stop for mobile machines has been created.


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