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New Ethernet cable from LAPP – highly flexible with Fast Connect design

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LAPP continues to expand its Industrial Communication portfolio. At the Hannover Messe (hall 11, stand C03), the company will be presenting the new highly flexible Ethernet cable with the Fast Connect connection ETHERLINE® Cat. 6A FD FC for constantly moving use in cable chains and for short transmission distances.

Data cables are the “nerve pathways” that make Industry 4.0 applications possible in the first place. For applications in machines and in robotics, where huge volumes of data are produced – for example by sensors or high resolution cameras – that is why high-speed cables are preferred, which achieve 10 gigabits per second. The Ethernet cable ETHERLINE® Cat. 6A FD FC with 26 AWG conductor cross-section and UL certification is intended for fast data communication over short transmission distances and is used for the data transmission of analogue and digital signals in the frequency range up to 500 MHz. It allows for highly flexible, constantly flexing use in moving machine parts and in the cable chain and was tested at the LAPP test centre for over 1 million bending cycles. The global market leader for integrated solutions in cable and connection technology offers the data cable either with robust PVC or abrasion-resistant PUR outer sheath, making it suitable for versatile use in dry, damp and wet environments.

Quick assembly

However, an important criterion for users is also the quick and easy assembly. Thanks to the «Fast Connect» design of the ETHERLINE® Cat. 6A FD FC, the new cable can be connected to conventional connectors, e.g. RJ45, with just a few steps. This is done with a simple design trick. To achieve optimum shielding, the individual pairs of wires used to be wrapped with a film at a particular feed-in angle. This foil wrapping can now be done away with, because the cable has a plastic intersection inside it to separate the four core pairs as well as a mutual shielding in the form of an inner sheath.

The new shielding also ensures a long service life. Thanks to the mutual shielding made of aluminium-laminated film and the plastic intersection in the centre, the four individual core pairs do not have to be shielded and the fitter does not have to remove a foil shield from each of the four core pairs. This means time savings of up to 50 per cent can be achieved during assembly. Additional protection against electromagnetic interference is achieved thanks to additional copper stranded shielding with a high degree of coverage (SF/UTP). «The cable is double shielded», explains Christian Illenseer, Product Management Automation at U.I. Lapp GmbH.

Suitable tool

The right tool is also available for assembling the Fast Connect cable and is supplied on request. The assembly tool has several blades, each of which can be adjusted in this cable in terms of their penetration depth and spacing from one another. These tools reduce the time required by preparing the cable for plug harnessing in one simple step. The special Fast Connect inner sheath provides additional protection against damage to the cores during stripping. When assembled with the appropriate tool, it almost acts as a safety buffer, as tool cuts frequently occur during careless assembly attempts and have a major impact on the functionality of the connection.


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