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Manual Siemens s7-1200 – Technology Functions

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Counting, measurement, controlling and moving are all things you have to do in your plant. In the past, mapping up these tasks required a lot of effort. Now in the TIA Portal these standard tasks are completed simply using «technology objects».

Technology objects are controlled in the user program via the corresponding commands, for example the standard «PLCopen» blocks. The TIA Portal guides you through configuring, commissioning and programming the technology objects. In this module, we will explore some of the integrated technology functions of the S7-1200 CPU and some of the commissioning interfaces of the technology objects representing our PID controller and our conveyor motion axis.

The «Motion control» technology objects can assist with controlling and positioning an actuator such as a conveyor.

The «PID» technology object can help regulate physical characteristics such as temperature or fan speed by maintaining these at a specified value.


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