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Schneider Electric presents the latest generation sustainable industry at Hannover Messe

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Schneider Electric will unveil several innovations at Hannover Messe 2022 with a single aim: accelerate the path to net zero CO2 emissions for customers and partners.

“Industry continues to undergo a massive period of change,” said Barbara Frei, Executive Vice President, Industrial Automation at Schneider Electric. “Our vision, however, remains constant. We want to create an efficient, open and sustainable industrial world able to adapt to changes in demand, supply chains, technology, and regulations. Digital solutions are by far the fastest way to decarbonize and future-proof operations for employees. Our technology, combined with AVEVA insights, enables enterprises to reach the next industrial generation with unseen levels of efficiency, resiliency and sustainability. With every piece of technology, we aim to empower our customers and their workforce to achieve their sustainability targets.”

Schneider Electric is proud to unveil a range of offers and partnerships, enabling the next generation sustainable industrial world:

EcoStruxure Automation Expert 22.0 is the next version of the world’s first software-centric industrial automation system, further enhancing its sustainability capabilities and flexibility in consumer-packaged goods, logistics, water and wastewater operations.

EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin is a scalable digital twin software solution designed to manage the entire machine lifecycle. The software enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to create digital models or real machines to improve efficiency and sustainability, reduce commissioning time, time to market as well as increasing quality costs.

An upgrade to the motor management solution, delivers a holistic approach to asset management with an advanced digital management approach. It unifies energy and automation management systems, providing performance optimization (50% less motor downtime), improved return on investments and efficiency across an entire plant (50% less electrical energy consumed).

EcoStruxure Service Plan now available for variable speed drives. Harnessing the combined power of our EcoStruxure platform with both remote and on-site expertise, the service provides condition-based maintenance that enables dynamic scheduling for the maintenance of variable speed drives. By remotely monitoring the health of the drives, the solution can anticipate issues and propose corrective actions that can be implemented on-line or on-site with our Field Services Team, complemented by asset health reports and annual consulting. This allows customers to get the right maintenance at the right time, meaning, significantly reducing unscheduled and unnecessary downtime, optimizing site operations, and improving safety for operators and equipment.

Schneider Electric showcases GM AirSeT™, the latest addition to its growing family of SF6-free medium voltage switchgear. The latest green and digital solution powered by pure air enables industries and utilities to reduce environmental impact and optimize maintenance and operations.

Strengthening Partnerships for Sustainability by empowering partners to look towards supporting and growing with Schneider’s partner ecosystem. The new program includes comprehensive education and training, a simplified product portfolio, an open and collaborative support ecosystem and digital knowledge and expertise. Complementing the Partnerships for Sustainability program are new products in its TransferPacT, PowerPacT and TeSys Giga ranges.

Stratus, Schneider Electric and Avnet Integrated are bringing the capabilities of the data center to the network edge. The combination of EcoStruxure™ Micro Data Centre with Stratus® ftServer® enables fast deployment of zero-touch Edge Computing data centres ready for the challenges of an industrial setting.
The integration of ETAP’s digital twin solutions with EcoStruxure Power Operation. The integration allows power system engineers to make more informed decisions, avoid potential operator mistakes and plan future systems expansion, improving response times and contingency actions.

Schneider Electric introduces the new 24V DC Easy UPS. Created for commercial and industrial environments where power disruption risks business output, the new Easy-UPS minimizes downtime and protects equipment resulting in reduced machine maintenance, and improved control over industrial infrastructure.


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