AGV Sigmatek

Manufacturer-independent AGV Guidance System

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How do you coordinate your AGVs? Driverless transport systems are largely controlled via the proprietary system from the respective manufacturer or individual solutions.

SIGMATEK now provides a vehicle-independent AGV guidance system: the Traffic Control System (TCS). It can be easily integrated into automation solutions, but also used completely independent of them. The TCS software serves as the intermediate level between the vehicles themselves and the inventory control and warehouse management systems, from which TCS obtains the relevant transport orders.

Much like a taxi dispatcher, the guidance system sends an available vehicle to the pick-up point and then to the delivery address. The system receives the transport order for the individual vehicles and handles the route planning. If there is no inventory management system upstream, transport jobs can be created in the TCS directly. The process of such a transport order is freely programmable. The system considers all possible routes: one-ways, permanent or temporary obstacles, as well as user-definable restrictions.

  • Graphic system editor – Exact facility models and intelligent travel logic for planning the most efficient routes – easily expand the system
  • SLAM integration – Direct integration of SLAM systems – fast commissioning and flexible system modification
  • Order simulator – Optimize travel orders with integrated fleet simulation – in real time and time lapse
  • Flexible data interface – System integration with open standard protocols such as VDA 5050, MQTT, JSON, UDP, TCP/IP etc. – remote access from anywhere
  • Informative analysis tools – Fleet efficiency at a glance – graphic heat maps and comprehensive statistical data analysis

The S-DIAS automation system is the optimal choice in intralogistics: modular, vibration-resistant and safe. The thin modules for control, safety, drive technology and special functions are designed so compactly that they can be integrated directly into the system or floor conveyor.

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