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SEW EURODRIVE is adding right-angle and parallel-shaft helical gearmotors

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SEW-EURODRIVE’s extended portfolio of compact extra-low voltage drives offers numerous benefits for customers. Equipped with integrated power electronics, the 48-volt compact drives open up further drive variations, which means greater flexibility when it comes to physically integrating the drive into the relevant application. The DCA63 series of motors is being expanded in the extra-low voltage range to complement the tried and tested planetary, parallel-shaft helical, and right-angle gear units that are already available.

Compared to the W.03.. series, the W.02..DCA.. right-angle gear units with SPIROPLAN® gearing take up 35 percent less space. This new, smaller size features four reduction ratios and can match the power density of the larger W.03 design. The compact gearmotor is durable, boasts high overload factors, and can be supplied with either a hollow or a solid shaft.

The F.02..DCA.. parallel-shaft helical gear unit is also new and extends the F.03..DCA.. series. The F.02 gear unit takes up 30 percent less space than the F.03 while offering comparably high permissible load values. The F.02 features four new gear unit ratios, too. Its compact design places the motor and gear unit output in a parallel-axis arrangement and is the modern-day alternative to additional belt transmissions. The gearmotor exhibits tried-and-tested helical gearing and is also available with either a solid or hollow shaft. The latter ensures users don’t need to use an additional external mechanical transmission in order to create structural travel drive solutions that have a continuous vehicle axle.

The compact drives of the DCA.. series are permanent-field, electronically commutated internal rotor motors that are supplied with 48 volt DC extra-low voltage. Due to their design, these drives exhibit high power density and efficiency. The fully integrated control electronics can be parameterized via an RS485 engineering interface and actuated via analog and digital signals. This integration is therefore the ideal starting point for applications where torque, speed, or position are to be controlled.

The portfolio also includes the PN..DCA.. compact planetary gearmotor series. Optimized gear wheel geometry makes for very smooth running, while gear unit selection means this series is also suitable for high peak loads. Furthermore, the KN..DCA.. compact right-angle gearmotor series combines right-angle and planetary stages in a single housing. Its compact design also makes it ideal for the tightest of installation spaces.

Typical areas of use for the entire drive portfolio include intralogistics applications such as linear and accumulating roller conveyors, rotary units/tables, lifting modules, and corner transfer units. SEW-EURODRIVE’s compact extra-low voltage drives are the perfect solution for stationary and mobile storage systems such as conveyor modules, load handling devices, and shuttle travel drives.


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