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BIEMH-International Machine Tool Biennial is back with a bang for its 31st edition

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BIEMH-International Machine Tool Biennial is back with a bang for its 31st edition, bringing together the main manufacturers, importers, distributors and buyers in the field of advanced manufacturing, from 13 to 17 June. It will be one of the most important gatherings on BEC’s calendar in 2022 and a great event for the industry, which will round off a tour with the parallel fairs Addit3D-International Additive Manufacturing and 3D Fair, BeDIGITAL-Digital-Trade Fair for Digital Transformation as applied to industry, IMIC-Industrial Maintenance Innovation Conference, and WORKinn-Talent Hub.

The data is very positive. 1,446 exhibiting companies from 28 countries, such as, Austria, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, China, South Korea, United Estates, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States, among others, will make BEC a first-class technological showcase.

BIEMH will offer the best version of itself, with brilliant staging of the main, world-leading companies, which will show off fully operational machines and equipment. More than 3,400 machines, products, services and innovations will be on display for the thousands of visitors who will visit from all over the world. The event is a B2B commercial contact tool with multiple business opportunities and a knowledge space with a significant programme of content that will expand its value proposition.

BIEMH is being organised by AFM-Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and Bilbao Exhibition Centre, with the collaboration of the Basque Government and Aimhe-Association of Machine-Tool Importers. The 31BIEMH-International Machine-Tool Biennial will be inaugurated by the Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, next Monday, 13 June, at 12:00.

A complete tour of advanced manufacturing

BIEMH will distribute its offer among companies in the following sectors: metal turning (22%), components and accessories (20%), automation and robotics (14%), machinery by deformation (13%), tools (12%), metrology and CAD-CAM (9%), and services and others (10%). Thus, taken as a whole they will offer a tour of the entire Industry 4.0 fabric, which will be complemented by the parallel fairs.

On the one hand, Addit3D-International Additive Manufacturing and 3D Fair will have more than 100 leading exhibiting companies, from 15 countries, in what is considered the only professional additive sector fair in Spain. The exhibition area will offer around 230 products, services and innovations, and will be represented by the following sectors: advanced systems and machinery and 3D printing, equipment and printers, industrial applications, raw materials, consumables, 3D printing services, software, 3D scanners and R&D and training. Addit3D is being organised by Addimat-Spanish Association of Additive and 3D Manufacturing Technologies and BEC, with the collaboration of the Basque Government-SPRI, with HP, Meltio and Pixel Sistemas as sponsors.

On the other hand, BeDIGITAL-Digital Transformation as applied to industry fair will showcase the latest technological innovations in Big Data, IoT, blockchain, artificial intelligence and collaborative robots. Almost 120 exhibiting firms will be present at what will be the edition with the most participants and content to date. The highlights of this fourth edition is the collaboration with the GAIA-Association of Knowledge Industries and Technology of the Basque Country and the agreement reached with the BIND 4.0 accelerator for companies in this platform to participate in the exhibition space’s Start-up Village. The event is being organised by AFM-Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Cluster and BEC, with the collaboration of GAIA and the Basque Government-SPRI; as well as the institutional partners Bizkaia-Beaz and Innobasque and the sponsors Ekon, Lantek, Logitek and Weroi.

The IMIC-Industrial Maintenance Innovation Conference will reflect on the main topics of predictive and advanced maintenance with internationally-renowned professionals. The conference is being organised by BEC and EasyFairs, with Ondoan and SpanSet as partners, as well as the collaboration of AEM-Spanish Maintenance Association and the sector’s main media and associations.

Likewise, WORKinn-Talent Hub will be the new concept that will turn this event into a comprehensive talent space, responding to the needs of industry in this field. Besides the job fair with 157 offers, it will consist of the following areas: Learn, Networking, Industry&Art, Knowing the Past, Inspire, and Success Story. This forum is organised by AFM Cluster and BEC, and is sponsored by the Basque Government, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and Lanbide, the Basque Employment Service.

Strategic visitors

In this context, in which the industry progresses very quickly, it is essential for companies and organisations to be able to identify the technologies that can best serve their objectives and to invest in them. The organising team has run an exhaustive promotional campaign for visiting professionals who will find at the BIEMH machinery, technology and new keys to boost the competitiveness of their businesses.

Attracting buyers through the Hosted Buyers’ Programme, a programme that also incorporates the exhibitors’ own requests, is one of the main elements of the BIEMH visitor campaign. With this programme developed in collaboration with Basque Trade Investment, this year’s edition will be attended by almost 300 guest buyers from countries such as Algeria, Argentina, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, Finland, Guatemala, India, Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom and Turkey. They will be people representing the following sectors: manufacture of parts, components and metal products (22%), moulds and dies (14%), machining of parts (11%) and construction of metal structures (10%) in the international sphere; and, nationally, the following sectors: manufacture of parts, components and metal products (31%), machining of parts (21%) and automotive, auto parts and its auxiliary industry (21%).

The general visitor promotion campaign has been run in more than 100 countries and has been supported by a major network of alliances from across the entire spectrum of national advanced manufacturing, in which the collaboration of the following organisations is particularly notable: AMETIC, Andalucía Aerospace, ANMOPYC, Spanish Chamber of Commerce, CITI Navarra, General Council of Industrial Engineering Associations, FEAMM, FEMEVAL, FVEM, PLATEA, PYMETAL Cantabria or UPM; and internationally, in countries such as Italy (ADACI), Portugal (CEFAMOL, AFIA, ANEME, AIMMAP), Turkey (TIAD), Germany (VDA), Mexico (ANES, CLUSTER INDUSTRIAL, CLAUTEDOMEX, AMMMT), the United Kingdom (LONDON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY), Argentina (AIM) and Colombia (Spanish-Colombian Chamber of Commerce and ANDI).

A major programme of content

Industry 4.0 has changed how companies and businesses of all kinds operate, as well as their competitive environments. This context has driven the emergence of the most advanced production and operational techniques with smart technologies, integrating them into the various organisations. Thus, the importance of knowledge and the future of the industry depends upon delving deeper into key aspects that raise major challenges that must be debated.

BIEMH will feature an extensive programme of contents including 230 national and international speakers. For the first time, it will include its own content: Automation & Robotic Talks, which will address the latest technologies and developments in the field of robotics and automation as applied to industry; and it will be in addition to the programme of the parallel fairs in Hall 6 with the Addit 3D Additive Talks and the BeDIGITAL Digital Talks, which will focus on key issues in the industry.

Addit3D and BeDIGITAL will also have Innovation Workshops at Speakers’ Corner, which will serve as a meeting point and will feature short technical and innovation presentations aimed at making direct contact with visitors.

This programming will be complemented by its own live television channel, BIEMH TV. An audiovisual format that will feature a set for around 50 viewers, with news, images of the event and live testimonials from leading professionals in the industrial sector. Two new features will be added to this space: industry TALKS, a meeting point for professionals in the sector to exchange professional experiences; and the Women in Industry programme, a space for debate about the need for gender equality in the business world. Both programmes will cover cross-cutting concepts in advanced manufacturing such as digitalisation, talent, innovation, sustainability and the gender perspective.


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