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OMNIMATE 4.0 connectors I Maximum efficiency and flexibility in device connectivity

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Today’s networked world is leading to high levels of complexity and increasing demands in the development of electrical devices. With OMNIMATE® 4.0, Weidmüller offers a consistent and efficient solution in connection systems to make devices and their development future-proof for the IIoT, the Industrial Internet of Things.

OMNIMATE® 4.0 combines the fast connection technology SNAP IN, a modular, configurable product design for hybrid interfaces and the delivery of individual products within three days.

The product design, consisting of individual discs, offers users a wide range of combination options, for example to transmit power, signals and data in a single connector. Thanks to the SNAP IN connection technology, flexible, fine-wire conductors can also be connected directly without crimped-on ferrules. The
connection point is already open on delivery, thus enabling safe wiring in record time. This makes OMNIMATE® 4.0 “Ready to Robot” for industrial, automatic wiring. The associated headers with high pin precision and automationcompatible packaging are suitable for both wave and reflow soldering processes.

From energy to Ethernet – all in a single connector

The product series of OMNIMATE® 4.0 PCB connectors can be used for the transmission of power as well as signals and have all relevant approvals according to IEC 61984 and UL 1059 for industrial applications. Data transmission with Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) according to IEC 63171-2 is also already integrated as an independent module. This means that hybrid combinations with the fast SNAP IN connection and the future-proof SPE data transmission can be implemented as required – for a motor connection, for example.

Custom-fit engineering the easy way

OMNIMATE® 4.0 offers a digital product configurator to quickly create an individually tailored product from countless possible combinations. This can be done in two ways: on the one hand, it is part of the freely available Weidmüller Configurator (WMC), which allows configurations to be created from over 12,000 Weidmüller products.

In addition, OMNIMATE® 4.0 connectors can be configured online in the new easyConnect service platform. The online version offers the full range of functions and allows users to configure the system quickly and easily without having to download or install anything. The individual configuration of the modules always complies with the IEC 61984 and UL 1059 standards. Individual labelling and colour printing requests are entered in the configurator as required. The associated engineering data for the further designin process can be downloaded immediately.

This way, the technical data, drawings as well as 3D models and PCB layout data (EDA data) support and accelerate development activities. In addition to the quick and easy digital design-in, the configurator simplifies the procurement of products. For instance, users have the option to request individual quotations or to order free product samples via the 72-hour sample service. For larger quantities, it is also possible to transfer the desired products directly to the Weidmüller webshop and order
them from there.


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