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ESA presents MOTUS, a New Concept of Servodrive

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High performance and maximum flexibility, this is the formula of the new MOTUS servodrive to increase productivity. An innovative solution, designed for Industry 4.0 applications that require high-level, safe, and efficient systems.

MOTUS servodrive: 10 features

  1. 31.25μs control cycle, real-time feedforward
    The innovative control architecture combined with an advanced feedforward algorithm guarantees top level performance, with a 31.25μs control cycle.
  2. PLC with integrated profile interpolation
    ESA has implemented a high-level profile programmer that performs very smooth and accurate movement by customization.
  3. Self-identified inertia, self-adaptive PID
    The MOTUS servo drive has an integrated real-time inertia indicator to support the auto adaptive PID online, also available for the defined user.
  4. Anti-vibration and intelligent auto-tuning system
    Through active non-linear algorithm, vibrations are eliminated in highly flexible resonant systems to achieve the auto tuning function with no complications.
  5. Third party engine availability
    Thanks to the highly optimized design of its modular function, the MOTUS drive can be safely and quickly paired with any third-party motor.
  6. iPLC, iCAM
    The presence of a powerful internal PLC equipped with an extremely intuitive user interface allows users to create complex CAM functionalities with maximum flexibility, simplicity, and efficiency.
  7. Online control mode, multimodal combination
    The independent control architecture can easily switch to online C/V/P mode and supports torque/speed limitation setting functions.
  8. Full protection to ensure stable operation on site
    A servo drive must be able to deliver maximum performance even in the harshest environments. For this, MOTUS features complete protection functions for safe operation.
  9. Three encoder interfaces
    User can define three encoder interfaces, all compatible with Tamagawa, Nikon, Sanyo Denki, EnDat, Hiperface, SSI, BiSS, TTL up to 4 MHz protocols. These interfaces support electrical shaft function and multi-feedback to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications.
  10. STO SIL2 safety circuit
    MOTUS STO safety functions reduce time and costs, without the need for additional wiring.

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