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New Mitsubishi Electric MELFA RH-CR SCARA robots

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Mitsubishi Electric’s new MELFA RH-CR robots offer a space-saving SCARA solution for first-time robotics users. The design focuses on user-friendliness and cost efficiency, which makes the series ideal for companies that are at the beginning of their automation and digital transformation journey.

Mitsubishi has developed the RH-CR series to make robots and the efficiency improvements they bring more accessible. The new SCARA robots are not only particularly easy to operate and use, but also around 20 % cheaper than comparable models.

Thanks to their four axes and a reach of up to 700 mm, the RH-CR robots are ideally suited for pick & place, assembly, handling as well as sorting and palletising tasks. Applications to date range from plant handling in the agricultural industry to game console production in the electronics industry. Depending on the model, the robots’ payload is 3 or 6 kilograms. In addition, they offer cycle times of up to 0.41 seconds and an accuracy of ± 10 µm – an outstanding performance for their compact design.

Another impressive feature is their small footprint, as they only take up about 65% of the floor space of conventional robots. And thanks to the MELFA SafePlus function, there is also no need for bulky fencing when working cooperatively with humans.

Beginner-friendly robots

Easy setup and operation are important to make robotics applications user-friendly. Especially for companies that have not had much experience with robotics, this robot offers a good starting point to build up knowledge and experience.

For this purpose, Mitsubishi Electric offers a comprehensive starter set for the RH-CR series. It includes the intuitive RT ToolBox3 robot programming software, the compact CR800 robot controller and an R56TB Robot Teaching Box. Customers also get access to extensive online tutorials. This allows them to learn the necessary foundational knowledge quickly and easily.

Robotics make companies strong for the future

All parts of the RH-CR robotics starter kit are easy to operate and require no specialised programming knowledge. The CR800 robot controller and RT ToolBox3 software can also be used to operate all other Mitsubishi Electric robots. This greatly simplifies the implementation of more complex robotic applications further down the line. Thanks to its integration capabilities with different networks, the RH-CR robot can also communicate with other robots and devices.

Companies therefore invest not only in future-proof plants, but also in their employees’ skills. This is a point that is very close to Mitsubishi Electric’s heart.

«With our automation solutions, we want to support companies and their employees to grow within the wider context of digital transformation,» Michael Finke concludes. «The new SCARA models are an important link for us to bring people and robots together to enable the intelligent factories of the future.»

The RH-CR series of robots is part of Mitsubishi Electric’s efficiency line-up. This range offers the same high-quality products, but with fewer functionalities and less performance. As a result, they make it easy to get started with automation. Other products in this range include the MR-JET servos and the FR-CS80 inverters.


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