SMC at Battery Show 2022 solutions for automated battery production

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From 28th to 30th June 2022 in Stuttgart, the Battery Show Europe will again present the latest technologies for the battery and automotive industry. The specialist for electrical and pneumatic automation SMC is also loaded with innovative solutions and is showing the world’s largest range with over 200 product families especially for automated battery production: The components have special product properties such as: free of copper/zinc, high corrosion resistance, use in explosion-proof environments as well as the suitability in drying rooms – and are therefore ideally suited for production processes and beyond.

The leading trade fair for the battery industry once again offers a look at new solutions for e-vehicles, for example, where battery production requires a high level of safety and energy efficiency. To this end, SMC (Hall 8, Stand D46) is presenting its wide range of 200 product families, which have SMC’s own code 25A in their name and are optimized for the automated production of rechargeable battery cells (secondary batteries). «SMC has been supplying components to the world’s leading battery manufacturers for years,» says Achim Gölter, Sales Manager Machinery, SMC Deutschland GmbH, and adds: «The specialist knowledge we have acquired is our greatest strength in helping customers to meet new challenges.

Largest variety with 200 product families

The 25A range extends from drives, cylinders and valves through hoses, connecting elements and vacuum products to sensors, switches and solutions for compressed air treatment. SMC offers components that meet the ATEX directive and are therefore certified as explosion-proof in various protection classes. What the 25A versions also have in common, in addition to the restriction of copper/zinc/nickel materials and suitability for dry rooms: They offer high corrosion resistance for battery production – as do the highlights such as the 25A-CJ2 compressed air cylinder, the 25A-MXQ compact slide or the pressure regulator of the 25A-AR10-40A series.

Small compressed air cylinder for great flexibility

The round and precise air cylinders of the 25A-CJ2 series enable space-saving installation and thus reduce time and maintenance costs even in the battery manufacturing process: Fine adjustment of the signal generator is possible simply by loosening the screw, the mounting types include double foot mounting, flange at the rear or centering pin on both sides. The series is available with piston diameters of 6, 10 and 16 mm and was recently extended to the 6 mm version with the option of connecting the cylinder cover vertically to the axis – which offers even more flexibility.

Pneumatic compact slide for more precision

With the latest compact slide generation of the 25A-MXQ series, SMC has further reduced weight and dimensions and significantly increased the variability in use: Four different housing and stroke limitation options as well as numerous function options make it possible to cover almost every application with the standard range. One of the housing style options – MXQ-B series – is also designed for high rigidity and is one of the most precise pneumatic compact slides on the market. The particularly small and light components also serve the approach of using ever more space-saving designs in battery production.

Modular energy-saving controller for high compressed air quality

Insufficient cleaning of dirt particles from the compressed air also has a negative effect on machines and systems as well as product quality in the production of electrodes or battery cells. As part of the maintenance unit of the AC series – consisting of filter, regulator and oiler – the modular energy-saving filter series 25A-AR10-40A, among other things, achieves high compressed air quality and thus process reliability in various pneumatic applications. Compared to other models, the pressure drop in the AR20-02-A model, for example, has been improved by up to 50%.

Efficient ionizers as well as cooling and temperature control devices

In the expanded product range, SMC offers handy ionizers for reducing electrostatic electricity for particle-free production – such as the IZT40/41/42 (rod design) and IZT43 (nozzle design) series, which are now also available with IO-Link. In addition, powerful cooling/temperature control units ensure the correct operating temperature, for example in laser applications. In particular, the stand-alone systems of the HRS series as well as the products of the HRR series, which are suitable for rack installation, score points in battery production with their high temperature stability.

All trade visitors will find SMC at the Battery Show Europe 2022 in Stuttgart in Hall 8, Stand D46.C


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