Robotic Yaskawa

Motoman GA50 High-precision Robot 3D laser welding and cutting

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Fast and high-precision: the Motoman GA50 expands Yaskawa’s industrial robot portfolio to include a model specially designed for applications that require the highest degree of precision and path accuracy. With a repeatability of only +/- 0.015 mm, the new product is particularly suited to 3D welding of complex contours and workpieces.

The manipulator also guarantees utmost precision and absolute path accuracy in linear and circular movements due to the Sigma-7 precision gearbox from Yaskawa production. The rigidity of the robot arm is about 50 percent greater than that of a Motoman handling robot of similar design. Hence, high speeds and cycle rates are achievable.

With a payload of 50 kg and a reach of up to 2,038 mm, a wide range of laser heads can be mounted to enable the machining of even large workpieces. As an additional design improvement, the robot requires only a single cable for connecting to the high-performance controller YCR1000.

Compliant with Protection Class IP67, it can be employed in harsh environments. Due to its slim design, it can also be flexibly integrated into systems where space is at a premium.


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