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Automation with Artificial Intelligence for scrap metal classification

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Pervasive Technologies, a company specialized in the development of image recognition solutions through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), presents version 2.0 of its solution for scrap classification, Kalybs. Sorting is a common task in all industrial environments. The products, raw materials, must be assigned to different categories to continue their processing in many industrial operations and, generally, it is carried out in complex and dangerous environments for workers.

For this reason, Pervasive has developed Kalybs, an automatic scrap sorting solution based on AI image and video processing to automate the traditional manual system and streamline the sorting process. Kalybs allows companies to reduce production costs, as it achieves increased productivity and savings in time and resources. In addition, it improves the performance and safety of the operators, since it facilitates the reduction of the personnel present in the unloading area with a high traffic of heavy vehicles and high levels of dust in suspension.

Kalybs provides a real-time auditable tool to classify scrap in a centralized and homogeneous way, identifying the different qualities in material discharges. It incorporates the analysis and measurement of non-ferrous elements such as powder, earth, plastic or wood, apart from the identification of ferrous elements that must be treated differently, such as closed cans, which can cause explosions, or large objects, which can hinder the casting process, and thus achieve the highest quality of the final product. In this way, a correct identification of the raw material for the production of steel in a steel mill, for example, is ensured.

The solution performs a volumetric analysis of the stock in warehouses and the distribution of qualities on the surface, through periodic sweeps through image analysis by AI.

Kalybs has an intuitive mobile version, which can be used easily without prior training, if you want to go directly to suppliers and make an initial identification of the raw material to buy.

It is a customizable solution with two different modes of operation, one through fixed cameras and another through the camera of mobile devices such as phones or tablets, which adapts to the different needs of the production processes of each client with instant reports and alert management, among others.


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