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Directly Operated Solenoid Valves on Manifold

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These are two very important questions to ask yourself during a design stage and they can make a big difference on the total cost of the new machinery.

The VD series solenoid valves manifolds with fixed positions allow to have from 2 to 10 solenoids on a single sub-base and with a single air inlet channel (G1/8″). This reduces the number of connections and fittings and so the risk of air leakages.

Compared to a classic solenoid valve, the VD series allows extremely faster response times with a low current consumption.

Available with different functions: 2/2 NC or 3/2 NC, and with or without manual override, the VD series is the ideal solution for most applications.
For example, sub-bases can be easily mounted on DIN rails inside pneumatic panels or directly on the machines thanks to through holes in their aluminium body.

The model with fixed position sub-base completes the Airwork range of VD series valves already available in the catalogue as stand-alone (with connections M5, G1/8″ and G1/4″) or in the modular version (with connection G1/8″).

VD series valves manifolds, as well as other models, can be equipped with 22 mm coils: 12V DC, 24V DC, 24V AC, 110V AC, 220V AC combined with connectors with or without LEDs.

In addition, in case of ordinary or extraordinary maintenance, electric pilots can be disassembled by means of two small screws and replaced quickly and safely.


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