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Contour2D Sensor System for Monitoring Conveyor Belt Utilization

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The unique performance characteristics of the R2000 LiDAR sensor and an intelligent algorithm ensure reliable shadow correction. Minimal installation effort and quick, straightforward, three-step commissioning round off this highly economical solution.

To distribute packages on a conveyor belt as efficiently and evenly as possible for transport to the downstream station, the conveyor belt’s current utilization must be detected reliably. The Contour2D sensor system is the most efficient solution for this on the market, comprising a single LiDAR sensor mounted centrally above the conveyor belt.

The central position of the sensor means that it detects shadows of packages on the conveyor belt, which would ordinarily distort the measurement results of the system. However, the high angular resolution of the R2000 2-D LiDAR sensor combined with an intelligent algorithm makes corrections for these shadows. The sensor system’s Multi Scan Evaluation Unit (MSEU) takes care of running the algorithm and the further processing of the raw data from the LiDAR sensor.

Since there are only two components (sensor and MSEU) to install, the Contour2D impresses with very low hardware costs and minimal installation effort. Unlike conventional systems, there is no need for time-consuming configuration to align several sensors with each other. And since only a single sensor is mounted centrally above the conveyor belt, installation requires no major adjustments to the conveyor belt. Therefore, even existing plants can be retrofitted easily.


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