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M8x1 connectors with snap & screw/snap termination

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In order to save time and thus costs, ease of maintenance and speed of installation are playing an increasingly important role in industrial cabling.

Overmoulded connectors with snap termination can be quickly and easily plugged onto sockets, sensors and actuators without any further work steps or tools. The compact locking system is secure and complies with protection class IP67 with up to 6 poles.

CONEC circular connectors and sockets of size M8 with snap and screw/snap termination are available in the standardised codings A and B for signal transmission. In particular, if there is only little installation space available, the snap connectors can be mounted very well on their counterpart, optionally with angled or straight cable outlet.

Variants with M8x1 thread on one end can be mounted firmly, e.g. on the threaded socket on the control cabinet, the other end with snap lock can be used flexibly on the assembly and production line.

Combined CONEC sockets with screw / snap termination feature both locking types, connectors with thread M8x1 as well as connectors with snap termination can be mounted.

The sockets are available in different numbers of poles up to 8 poles. Variants are available for both front and rear panel mounting.

In addition to the wire and solder pin straight termination types, the portfolio also includes sockets for the SMT or THR soldering methods. Insulating bodies are available in 3-, 4-, 5- and 8-pos. Four different housing types (2x front, 2x rear panel mounting) in various heights are selectable.

Equally reliable and durable are the contacts with gold coating, which allow low contact resistances and high mating cycles (>100).


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