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Saving energy with MOVITRAC® advanced

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MOVITRAC® advanced is a compact frequency inverter from SEW EURODRIVE that features a configurable scope of functions for diverse automation tasks. The frequency inverter can also help save energy, thanks to its series-standard standby mode.

When machinery and systems are not in use, it makes sense to put them into a reliable standby mode, particularly when interruptions are brief, such as at weekends and during production breaks and free shifts. When using the series-standard standby function of MOVITRAC® advanced frequency inverters from SEW EURODRIVE, energy consumption can be reduced while ensuring the machine or system can be restarted immediately.

The frequency inverter optimizes the magnetic flux in the motor to a certain extent, thereby cutting magnetizing losses by up to 70 percent and measurably reducing heat generation in the motor.
Due to its compact design and an optimized use of materials, valuable resources are conserved right from the production stage. Moreover, the materials used can be separated when the product reaches the end of its life cycle, meaning they can be fed back into recycling loops.

MOVITRAC® advanced is part of the MOVI-C® modular automation system. Like all devices in this system, it features corresponding interfaces that enable vertical digitalization from the control level to the drive. This means, for example, that users can implement automatic startup or read out data from sensors close to the motor. Continuously capturing system parameters helps with planning improved maintenance measures and minimizing idling times, meaning condition monitoring and predictive maintenance become an achievable option. Automatic startups also save time and reduce errors, with preconfigured MOVIKIT® software modules also assisting users accordingly.

Technical data for MOVITRAC® advanced

The mains voltage for the frequency inverter can be 1 x AC 200 – 240 V, 3 x AC 200 – 240 V, or 3 x AC 380 – 500 V. The nominal power rating ranges from 0.25 to 315 kW with an overload capacity of 150 percent. The motor control system can regulate and monitor synchronous and asynchronous AC motors (with/without an encoder), asynchronous motors with LSPM technology, or synchronous and asynchronous linear motors. Cutting-edge control modes appropriate to the motor type and application are available for this purpose.
MOVITRAC® advanced has STO (Safe Torque Off) in PL d integrated into the basic unit. Additional safety functions such as SBC (Safe Brake Control), SDI (Safe Direction), and SLS (Safe Limited Speed) can be configured, as can secure communication via PROFIsafe/PROFINET and Fail Safe over EtherCAT®.

The MOVILINK® DDI digital data interface can be configured as an additional feature. Furthermore, cabling can be completed using single-cable technology from SEW EURODRIVE, meaning one standardized hybrid cable is all that is needed for power supply and data transfer.

MOVITRAC® advanced is ideal for applications in materials handling technology, hoists, palletizers, and agitators. When integrated into agitators, one special feature is that the frequency inverter can also be used in conjunction with an industrial gear unit, so applications in power ranges up to 315 kW can be run without any problems.


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