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Motoman HC30PL New cobot with 30 kg payload

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At the world’s leading robotics trade fair Automatica, Yaskawa surprised the trade audience with the presentation of its 30 kg cobot: this exceptionally high payload makes the new Motoman HC30PL particularly suitable for fenceless palletizing.

Yaskawa has already successfully implemented numerous cobot palletizing applications with its predecessor model, the HC20DTP. Now the manufacturer is expanding its portfolio by introducing a special cobot palletizer: the HC30PL. With an even higher maximum payload of 30 kg, it can be used in heavy order picking applications in warehouses (palletizing and depalletizing), which are highly strenuous, monotonous, and unergonomic.

Due to the cobot’s long reach, every point of a pallet can be reached, allowing a stacking height of 2 m on a standard Euro pallet. Since the cobot operates in a safe, collaborative mode, it can be easily integrated into existing environments entirely fenceless to save space. Therefore, it works completely unaffected by external factors, such as passengers or forklift traffic. By adding laser scanners that detect the distance between cobot and operator, the operation speed adapts situation-specific and enables high-speed operation of up to 2 m/s for cycle time optimization.

Easy programming on the Smart Pendant

With its modern Smart Pendant, Yaskawa facilitates its programming concept. The new Smart Pattern Wizard software guides the operator through the individual steps to create different palletizing patterns. With a few reference points and pattern information, the wizard generates the cobot program, which can be conveniently edited in the wizard. The Teach Pendant and the comprehensive PalletSolver software are available for traditional programming and professional software users.

Fast commissioning with the Yaskawa Ecosystem

Installing grippers and accessories has never been easier with the cobot-typical standard flange and internal media routing (inputs and outputs, ethernet, and two air lines). For the HC30PL, components of all leading third-party manufacturers are available. By introducing the Yaskawa ECOSYSTEM partner product program in 2022, the manufacturer presents an online network of various peripheral products and complete systems, primarily for cobot palletizing.

Besides various partner products, the Yaskawa Robotics Ecosystem also includes Yaskawa products such as drives, linear axis, and software packages. With a complete mechanical, electrical and software-based integration, plug&play solutions are targeted that comes as a complete package for easy integration. Currently, the ecosystem includes more than 110 products.


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