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Smart Communication Gateways with HMI data processing capabilities

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With no touchscreen or LCD, this HDMI-enabled unit turns any HDMI-compatible TV or industrial monitor into a large viewing display, no longer limiting your screen size to the available HMIs on the market – efficiently delivering crisp, high-definition graphics. Streamline processes by delivering real-time production data on a wall-mounted display, easily visible from any plant floor location. The cMT-HDMI takes your process to the big screen with ease.

With its compact size, the cMT-HDMI is well suited in any application where space is a concern. Touchscreen support is available via USB connection, or a USB mouse can be used with non-touchscreen displays. Two separate Ethernet ports (one each LAN and WAN) ensure separation and increased security from unauthorized access.

The cMT-HDMI is also suitable for use as an Andon system. It can collect equipment and quality management data from the production line, process the data, and then send visualization and sound to a large screen monitor via HDMI, allowing real-time monitoring and control for onsite operators.

The cMT-HDMI provides built-in support for remote monitoring. By running the cMT Viewer application on a cMTiV5, smartphone, tablet, or PC, operators are able to remotely monitor and control a cMT-HDMI. In addition, this feature-rich model also supports SQL server integration, viewing PDFs, playing multimedia files, and IP camera input. By providing powerful connectivity, including the de-facto IIoT protocol standards MQTT and OPC UA, direct connection with databases, and more than 300 communication protocols, the cMT Series is poised to meet many types of integration needs.


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