Cable & Wiring Systems Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact PTVFIX Monoblocks with two connection points

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The so-called monoblocks provide a single pass-through function. With two connection points, they enable the pole-number-accurate and space-saving construction of potential distributions. They are also suitable as flying leads. With the tongue and groove connection, the monoblocks are simply aligned together to form space-saving blocks.

Various mounting adapters that can be used throughout the FIX portfolio provide flexible mounting options. In addition to adapters for DIN rail and direct mounting, block versions for adhesive mounting are also available. The color-coded assignment of conductors and terminal points ensures intuitive and safe installation. Each block has at least one test point for all common test probes.

Color versions are available in the online store or in the online configurator of Phoenix Contact. The individual plates are also available as a fixed block. These multiblocks are suitable for wiring several potentials in just one block.


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