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Compact magnetostrictive sensors for contactless position measurement

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Precision in the tightest of spaces: Balluff is expanding its product portfolio with two new magnetostrictive sensor families (BTL) in rod and profile design. Users benefit from easy handling and flexible installation – as well as an optimized price/performance ratio.

Balluff offers a new generation of magnetostrictive sensors in rod and profile design where the highest precision is required for position measurement in the tightest of spaces. Among other things, this convinces with simple handling as well as a user-friendly design. «The compact housing of the electronic head enables a comfortable and flexible installation of the sensor directly on the hydraulic cylinder,» says Balluff Product Manager Waldemar Götte.

The new variants in the BTL portfolio from Balluff offer an individual combination of features depending on the product design. «Within the respective sensor families, we distinguish between two performance classes – this allows the customer to easily configure and design the product that fits their application,» says Götte. With predictive maintenance, the sensors help to reduce machine downtimes. For this purpose, conditions such as temperature, humidity and service life of the machines and systems are reliably and continuously tracked.

The expansion of the BTL portfolio includes two new magnetostrictive sensor families. Common to both variants is a compact form, analog and IO-Link interfaces as well as long service life. The variants differ, however, in design and the area of application:

BTL Mini-rod (rod type)

The extremely space-saving magnetostrictive sensor in the new mini-rod design is particularly suitable for use in hydraulic cylinders for position feedback, in molding and rolling plants or for lift and hoist technology. The BTL mini-rod is also used in injection molding machines and for monitoring the tilt angle of rotor blades in wind turbines.

BTL A1/PF series (profile design)

Position measuring systems in profile designs are ideally suited for use in the control of hydraulic presses in the field of forming technology or in the control and monitoring of all traverse movements on machine parts. The BTL A1/PF series is therefore predestined for use in injection molding machines in the field of the plastics industry.


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