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Siemens Industrial Vulnerability Manager

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Neglecting vulnerabilities means taking risks. Already known security vulnerabilities are one of the main entry points for cyber attacks. You need to keep on track with the vulnerabilities and react promptly.

The Siemens Industrial Vulnerability Manager is an application that provides relevant security information to enable manufacturers and operators of automation technology to proactively manage their cyber risks – tailored to their system in a one-stop shop.

How does it work?

Step 1: Definition of components to be monitored
Step 2: Monitoring regarding recently published vulnerabilities (completely in the background)
Step 3: Automatic generation of digital “Security Bulletins” in case of detected vulnerabilities and possible patches; overview via graphical dashboard

Several deployment options to meet different requirements:

Option A: For end-customers, based on AWS
Option B: For end-customers, on premise
Option C: For end-customers, based on Siemens Industrial Edge
Option D: For OEMs, based on cloud solution (incl. reporting to OEM’s customers)


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