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New KS-I industrial pressure probe with IO-Link interface

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Gefran is expanding its range of solutions dedicated to Industry 4.0 by presenting the new KS-I industrial pressure transmitter, equipped with IO-Link 1.1 digital output and advanced diagnostic functions.

The KS family transducers, thanks to the sensitive element made using a proprietary film-deposited technology on a steel membrane, guarantee considerable resistance to mechanical shocks and vibrations and are immune to electromagnetic noises. In addition, the IP67 degree of protection makes the entire range particularly suitable for a wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

One of the main innovations of the KS-I models is the ability to measure both pressure and temperature, with a sampling frequency of 1,000 times per second. The KS-I probes are able to communicate with the IO-Link Master at COM3 speed, equal to 230.4 Kbaud, the highest available on IO-Link communication.

Enhanced connectivity allows the recording of numerous acyclic information, such as the maximum values of pressure and temperature, the peaks reached and the number of hours of work. These are essential for predictive maintenance, from an Industry 4.0 perspective.


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