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400,000 industrial machines are now connected to the Talk2M industrial cloud via Ewon gateways

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HMS Networks today announced that 400,000 industrial machines are now connected to the Talk2M® industrial cloud via Ewon® gateways. The 400,000th machine to be connected was an Evaled evaporator produced by Veolia Water Technologies.

Veolia Water Technologies is a global specialist in water treatment. The company capitalizes on digital services to better serve its clients through remote performance monitoring and expert access. Among the several IoT gateways used by Veolia Water Technologies, Ewon remote solutions are significant to remotely access data from their water treatment technologies located all over the world.

By accessing their machines remotely in a secure way using Ewon solutions, Veolia Water Technologies can monitor the performance of their technology anytime, anywhere. And by collecting data from the equipment, the company gets valuable information and insights, helping them improve operational efficiency as well as reduce the carbon footprint of their clients and make the technology more sustainable.

To achieve this, Veolia Water Technologies integrates an Ewon Flexy™ — a secure industrial gateway — into their equipment. The Flexy connects to the Talk2M secure industrial cloud, where service staff can access the machine and its data. Providing redundancy and worldwide coverage, Talk2M is extremely reliable as it is based on a global, secure and redundant server infrastructure encompassing 21 data centers all over the world.

Thanks to Ewon solutions including Talk2M, machine builders can provide effective and sustainable support to their customers using remote access, keep an eye on machine performance thanks to proactive remote monitoring and also provide machine data to any cloud-based industrial application.

The use of Talk2M results in fewer service trips and improved overall efficiency for machine builders who can optimize their service work for customers while maintaining the highest level of data security.

“With more than 400,000 industrial machines now connected thanks to a double-digit growth compared to last year, Ewon is leading the way in facilitating remote machine support from anywhere in the world”, says Francis Vander Ghinst, General Manager of HMS Networks’ Business Unit Ewon. “Not only are the Ewon remote solutions very easy to set-up and scale, but they are also highly secure and ISO-certified, which is highly appreciated by machine builders and machine users”.


Basic usage of Talk2M remains free for companies using Ewon industrial gateways. The freemium model is not time-limited and allows Ewon customers to get remote access to any PLC and perform pro-active monitoring and data integration into third party applications. Customers get a very secure and efficient path to boosting their overall equipment efficiency.


With Ewon, machine builders can improve their after-sales machine support globally, while machine users can monitor machine performance in a secure way from anywhere in the world. HMS Networks estimates that Ewon solutions decreased CO2 emissions related to service trips by 908,000 tons in 2021, equaling the lifetime CO2 emissions of 25,000 cars.


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