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EPLAN eSTOCK new cloud-based device management system

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Device data lie at the heart of every project. If this data is complete and available to everyone, it accelerates project planning and design engineering. Until now, companies have had to save this data locally on the EPLAN Platform device management system, and share it through a self-hosted SQL server. The new eSTOCK now lets companies access a central device data management tool in the cloud. Aside from making teamwork even easier and faster, as demonstrated by first customer testimonials from the beta-testing phase, it also saves time and costs since there’s no need for maintaining extra in-house IT infrastructure.

Uniform versions of device data form the best foundation for high-quality project planning and faster project results. With EPLAN eSTOCK – the new cloud-based device management system in the EPLAN Platform 2023 – device data including voltages, currents, datasheets and device designations can now be maintained in the EPLAN Cloud. Access to EPLAN eSTOCK functions independent of company location: project stakeholders can easily and securely access device data in the cloud – whether they’re working from home, from another company location around the globe, or via data sharing with business partners.

Centralised device data management means consistent data

Consistent data simplifies collaboration, reduces coordination times and puts an end to media disruptions – for fast and smooth project completion. Control of the data is always with the company and/or user, who is responsible for the quality of the data and who also controls who can access it. By assigning permissions, standards can also be easily and comprehensively implemented.

Thomas Bings, Business Owner Master Data at EPLAN, explains: “Companies benefit from central access in the cloud in multiple ways. They can make better use of their personnel resources because they no longer have to spend time setting up and maintaining their own IT infrastructure. This additionally saves costs because in-house solutions based on SQL servers or a virtual desktop infrastructure can be expensive.” Furthermore, since this data doesn’t have to be entered multiple times, the data is more consistent and of higher-quality, which is also reflected in the quality of the overall project – always taking into account the required standards.

Uniform database increases productivity

The company Autewe GmbH, headquartered in Überlingen, Germany, has already taken a very close look at the new eSTOCK as a beta tester. Director of Electrical Engineering Markus Beirer describes the process so far: “Until now, our employees had been working from home with local copies of the device database because accessing the central device database via VPN was too slow. The locally saved data was only sporadically synchronised with the database on our servers.” In the future, all employees will be able to work with a uniform database through EPLAN eSTOCK. “We’re expecting an increase in productivity with this because we will no longer be creating device data multiple times. Work within teams will also be simplified to a significant extent,” Beirer adds.

Teamwork is also a top priority for Belgian customer P&V Panels. “In a company where engineering is carried out at different locations, and every site has its own special focus, EPLAN eSTOCK now makes it possible to provide each location with exactly the components it needs. Data sharing like this is efficient and can easily be adapted as needed,” says Engineering Coordinator Berny Pellaers at P&V Panels.


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