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Outlook Siemens TIA Portal v18 – S7-1500 T-CPU

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In March 2021, the latest version of the Siemens TIA Portal V17 software was released. More than a year has passed and it seems that the new version TIA Portal V18 is about to see the light. Perhaps the SPS 2022 fair will be a good opportunity for its launch.

Little by little, some of the novelties that this new version of TIA Portal V18 will bring are becoming known

Here is a short presentation about SIMATIC S7-1500 T-CPU and TIA Portal V18. Here are some of the new features:

  • Motion Enhancements – Velocity Gearing, Extensions for superimposed motion and camming
  • 5D / 6D Kinematics – Kinematic functions for up to 6 interpolating axes
  • SW Controller T/TF– New: SIMATIC Software Controller T/TF for high-end Motion Control
  • S7-1500T/TF News – New: SIMATIC S7-1514 SP T/TF Performance & Memory increase for S7-1511T/TF and S7-1515T/TF Drive Controller Enhancements
  • Advanced Programing – Unit concept with Namespaces, Failsafe program in a SW-Unit TO references (1St step)
  • Trace – Long-term trace with TIA Portal (1St step) Fast Fourier Transformation

Siemens will present new TIA Portal V18 at SPS 2022

New – Download Siemens TIA Portal v18 and Highlights


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