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Melior Motion at SPS 2022 – Precision gears for automation

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Highly precise and durable drive solutions: Melior Motion GmbH will be presenting its PSC transmissions from November 8th to 10th at the Smart Production Solutions Nuremberg (SPS) at the Schaeffler Group booth. A patented spring mechanism ensures minimal torsional backlash for life and therefore qualifies the precision gears for various automation and robotics applications.

«The SPS is one of the central trade fairs for the automation industry – and therefore the ideal place for us to meet customers, partners and trade visitors,» says Martina Zaremba, Head of Sales and Marketing at Melior Motion. The manufacturer of drive technology from Hamelin in Lower Saxony has been part of the Schaeffler Group since February. At the joint exhibition stand, they are now presenting high-precision drive solutions and advice from a single source.

Applications benefit from compact gears

Their design elements make the precision gears unique on the market: on the one hand, a patented spring mechanism, but also a conically toothed planetary and helical input stage. Compared to cycloidal gears, the drive solutions from Melior Motion are up to ten times more precise with a backlash of ≤ 0.1 arc minute and a lost motion of ≤ 0.6 arc minute. The spring mechanism ensures that the precision is maintained for at least 20,000 hours of operation. And the conically toothed planetary stage also contributes significantly to the high level of accuracy, since the teeth mesh without play. In combination with the helical input stage, it makes the gearbox particularly quiet and low-vibration.

Whether packaging and assembly lines or machine tools: the possible areas of application for PSC gears are diverse. «Thanks to their high level of precision, they also meet the requirements of various industries – be it in robotics or in automation,» explains Zaremba. «If the circumstances require it, we adapt the transmissions specifically to the customer’s requirements.»

Melior Motion GmbH will be exhibiting at the SPS Nuremberg 2022 from November 8th to 10th at the Schaeffler booth in Hall 3, 262.


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