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SMC at Motek 2022: Pneumatic energy-efficient

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Whether in automotive, machine or device construction, the electrical and electronics industry or in the entire metal and plastics processing sector: Automation is the driving force for higher and at the same time more efficient output in manufacturing companies. From October 4th to 7th, 2022, SMC will be showing the performance of modern components at the Motek in Stuttgart. At the international trade fair for production and assembly automation, the specialist for electrical and pneumatic automation is presenting its broad and cross-industry product portfolio – from compact drives and high-precision pressure switches to state-of-the-art grippers.

Pairing efficiency with thrift is a crucial success factor – especially in the current times. This can also be seen at Motek 2022, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The automation specialist SMC will be there again, presenting an exciting selection of innovative solutions from its extensive product portfolio with over 700,000 variants at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center in Hall 1, Stand 1710.

The trade fair highlights of the leading manufacturer, partner and solution provider for pneumatic and electrical automation technology include the compact cylinder with guide rod from the MGPK series, the pressure booster from the VBA-X3239 series, the digital pressure switch from the ISE78G/79S series, the cobot parallel gripper from the JMHZ2- series X7400B and the electric drive of the LEY-X8 series.

More space and more flexibility

Whether for lifting, pushing or stopping tools: With the compact cylinder with guide rod and front plate from the MGPK series, SMC is showing at the trade fair how companies can save space and construct lighter machines for such applications. The housing volume has increased by up to 28% compared to the predecessor (from 538 cm 3 to 390 cm 3 ; piston ø 32; stroke 25 mm) and the weight by up to 41% (from 0.32 kg to 0. 19 kg ;Piston ø 16; stroke 10 mm) reduced. In addition, the series offers designers various mounting and connection options for more flexibility and, thanks to the extension of the front panel thickness by up to 20% (from 10 to 12 mm for piston ø 32), greater rigidity. In addition, a grease wiper on the guide rod maintains lubrication and prevents the ingress of foreign bodies for improved process reliability.

Powerful and economical at the same time

Not only in football does the motto apply: put pressure on! In pneumatic applications, too, it is important to increase the pressure with pinpoint accuracy in order to ensure an ideal pressure supply. At the trade fair, SMC will show how this can be done instead of using an additional compressor using the pressure booster from the VBA-X3239 series.

While the local network pressure can be increased by a factor of 2 to 4 with the solution (fixed pressure ratio), it is possible to reduce compressed air consumption by 25 to 30%. This is due to a compressed air-operated, angularly movable piston design that requires no power supply or electrical wiring. In addition, users benefit from an increased flow rate
10 to 30% and an improved service life of 50 million cycles and more according to SMC internal tests.

Monitor high pressure safely

Precise pressure measurements are indispensable, especially in highly automated industries such as automotive or mechanical engineering. If hydraulic applications are also used here, very high pressures must also be checked precisely. SMC is presenting an ideal solution for such cases in Stuttgart with the digital pressure switch from the ISE78G/79S series.

The solution, which emerged as an extension of the established ISE7# series, enables measurements of up to 16 MPa (ISE78G) or 50 MPa (ISE79S) and saves energy thanks to a power consumption of 35 mA or less and an additional energy-saving function. In addition, the compact pressure switches with dimensions of 34 x 80.4 mm and a weight ofmax. 181 g (ISE78G) the construction of small and light machines. A 3-part display and IO-Link compatibility, which also implements comprehensive remote monitoring and control, ensure a quick and comprehensive overview of the measured values.

Comprehensive and compatible

Collaborative robots (cobots for short) are increasingly becoming the standard repertoire across all industries when it comes to automation. Since there are now a large number of cobot manufacturers on the market, components such as grippers should also have a high level of compatibility. With the series
JMHZ2-7400B shows SMC in Hall 1, Stand 1710 parallel grippers, which not only have an effective holding force per finger of 32.7 N (outside) or 43.5 N (inside) and a repeatability of ±0.01 mm.

Available in different variants, they are also suitable for the following cobot series from 6 manufacturers: the UR (e) series from Universal Robots, the MELFA ASSISTA series from Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, the CRX series from FANUC Corporation, the MOTOMAN-HC10 series /HC10DT from YASKAWA Electric Corporation and TM Series from OMRON Corporation and TECHMAN ROBOT Inc.

Safe transfer applications

Whether for pulling, pushing or vertical applications: Electric drives are among the standard components in production and assembly automation. At the Motek, SMC will show how they enable reliable operation even in dusty environments or in humid conditions using the LEY-X8 series. Because the electric drives based on the established LEY series ensure high process reliability even in harsh environments thanks to protection class IP65/67 – even when submerged in 1 m deep water for up to 30 minutes. In addition, the electric drives, which have a position repeatability of ±0.02 mm, are equipped with a battery-free absolute encoder. This ensures that in the event of a power failure, for example, when restarting from the last position, operation can be resumed without a reference run.

Trade visitors will find SMC at Motek 2022 in Stuttgart in Hall 1, Stand 1710.


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