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CC-Link IE TSN advanced capabilities being demonstrated at IIC Plugfest

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A range of CC-Link IE TSN certified industrial automation devices from Mitsubishi Electric will be put through their paces at the latest Industry IoT Consortium (IIC) Plugfest. This event, taking place on September 26th-27th, 2022 at the University of Stuttgart, is part of the organisation’s Testbed on Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN). The presence of Mitsubishi Electric’s solutions in the test track further attests to the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) and its members’ commitment to drive compatibility and ultimately support network convergence.

The IIC Plugfest offers a key opportunity to run TSN testbed scenarios, as infrastructure providers can validate their ability to meet IEEE 802.1 standards. This provides organisations and automation vendors with the chance to establish value-adding network ecosystems that successfully incorporate the innovative technology to benefit end users.

As a leading provider of TSN-compatible devices, which can be used to test the network technology and its capabilities, Mitsubishi Electric will take part in the Plugfest with its master and slave modules that are incorporate CC-Link IE TSN. Developed by the CLPA, this is the first open industrial Ethernet with both TSN functions and gigabit bandwidth.

With over 100 CC-Link IE TSN certified automation products, Mitsubishi Electric is one of the few specialists that can already offer an extensive range of TSN solutions for the operational technology (OT) domain without the need for switches. The company’s participation in the event, which will validate interoperability between local stations and other vendors’ switches, will be key to delivering convergence, which will ultimately help to bring the entire industry a step closer to merging OT with the information technology (IT) world.

Tom Burke, Global Strategic Advisor at CLPA, comments: “Collaborative, cross-industry opportunities such as the IIC Plugfest are a must to build the open, interconnected network ecosystems of the future, where node interoperability is guaranteed. The CLPA strongly believes in the importance of driving key technical innovations in network technologies to support digital manufacturing and we are proud to see CC-Link IE TSN used during the event. This provides a clear demonstration of how the real-world applications of our solution can be realized and how it can drive convergence.”


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