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Trio Motion introduces at SPS 2022 new automation control capabilities

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Trio Motion Technology is presenting a host of new automation control capabilities for machine builders at SPS exhibition, including a new Motion Coordinator, servo drive, and industrial PC. The new products are among a range of developments that continue to expand the automation solutions provided by the motion specialist.

New servo drive

On stand 360, Hall 1, at the Nuremberg Messe from 8-10 November, the UK automation vendor will launch the DX3 servo drive for high performance motion control. The single-axis DX3 drive has two versions, an EtherCAT drive supporting update rates down to 125us, and a conventional drive supporting pulse-and-direction, analogue and CANopen control. DX3 increases Trio’s power range with sizes from 50W to 7.5kW all with a compact footprint, in 200V and 400V versions. The servo drive also extends Trio’s cost optimal ‘Everything you need and nothing more’ design ethos by removing functionality such as I/O already included in a separate controller.

A new update across Trio’s DX series of servo drives, including the new DX3, is to improve compatibility with third-party vendor EtherCAT master controllers, as well as Trio EtherCAT motion coordinators. Although still optimised for use with a Trio controller, the DX series of servo drives (DX3, DX4 and DX5) can all be commissioned through Trio’s MotionPerfect software with or without a Trio controller. This open approach increases flexibility for machine builders.

New Motion Coordinators

Trio will also show its new Flex-X Nano motion controller, which Trio brands as a Motion Coordinator, available early next year. The Flex-X Nano is a pocket-sized, I/O slice design for compact machine and cabinet build with high performance servo control over EtherCAT. The motion controller draws on Trio’s existing Flex-6 Nano design and is also able to control up to 64 axes, but the Flex-X Nano now increases application performance by as much as 25%.

The Gloucestershire company is also releasing a new version of its three-axis pulse-and-direction motion controller. The MC403-X is interchangeable with the existing MC403 controller, but now has an upgraded microprocessor for faster program execution.

New industrial PC

Providing motion control performance over EtherCAT in a PC format, Trio’s PC-MCAT-2 Industrial PC will also make its debut at SPS. The PC-MCAT-2 operates as a controller, combining Trio’s Motion-iX motion engine with Windows 10, that can also integrate additional applications and components thanks to extended Ethernet and USB ports. PC-MCAT-2 can integrate devices such as vision systems while controlling Trio’s SCARA robots or DX series servo axes.


Trio is also presenting its latest HMI (human machine interface) at SPS, the Uniplay 15A. The 15″ panel with high resolution screen adds to Trio’s 7″ and 10″ HMIs that provide a user interface with Trio’s range of controllers. Integrating with Trio’s MotionPerfect programming and commissioning software enables fast, straightforward set-up, improving reliability in the field and increasing the ease of obtaining machine data.

MotionPerfect updated

The MotionPerfect software, which will be demonstrated at the show, also includes improvements to its virtualisation capability. Especially useful with Trio’s SCARA robots, MotionPerfect’s virtualisation performance animates a machine model to speed up development and testing.

Trio’s programming environment now also features expanded function blocks and data sharing capabilities with IEC languages. While many machine builders benefit from Trio’s Motion-iX text-based language for fast, easy to use advanced motion function programming, IEC language compatibility extends flexibility for programmers from PLC or logic-based backgrounds.

«The additional capabilities added to Trio’s range mean that machine builders can partner with a single automation vendor for motion-first applications, giving them better designs, more productive machines, and more reliability,» says Trio’s President, Tom Alexander. «Trio works with OEMs to provide automation control of a complete machine, including motion, robotics, plus any device extension. SPS is Europe’s biggest automation exhibition, so it’s the ideal platform to demonstrate how we can improve value for machine builders.»


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