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EFCO Eagle-Eyes AIH10: High-performance IPC for up to +75 °C

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The Eagle-Eyes AIH10 from EFCO is a modular, configurable industrial PC for demanding tasks in automation and image processing. It is available either as a wall mount or for the DIN rail. An optimally tuned expansion housing accommodates high-performance graphics cards, but keeps their waste heat away from the CPU. The AIH10 can be used up to 75 °C. In addition, EFCO supports its customers, even with small quantities, in order to implement the configuration that is optimally tailored to the respective application.

CPUs of the 10th Intel generation are used. Even in the standard configuration, EFCO offers 16 digital IOs, a maximum of 6 x GbE with PoE, 4 x USB, 1 x USB-C, 6 x serial, 1 x VGA, as well as two DisplayPorts for a maximum of three screens each. 3 x SATA, 2x M.2 and 1 x Micro-SD enable internal extensions. Important for maintenance and service: The SIM cards for mini PCIe or M.2 expansion cards are accessible from the outside.

At 260 x 206 x 77mm, the fanless AIH10 is amazingly compact and can be mounted or screwed to the wall almost anywhere. The AIHD10 version is available for switch cabinet installation on the DIN rail. All connections and maintenance accesses are located here on the front.

There is an optimally matched expansion housing with forced cooling for both IPCs. This is almost 50 mm high, but offers space for two full-size PCI plug-in cards. EFCO placed particular value on heat management. This means that the industrial computers can be used at ambient temperatures of up to +75 °C.

Important for machine builders: The external power-on control input allows the computer to be started or shut down via the machine’s central power switch. The startup behavior of the IPC can also be set very flexibly in the BIOS setup. The integrated power supply of the industrial PCs has a DC wide-range input of 9…48 V. All inputs are protected against reverse polarity, overvoltage, undervoltage and overcurrent.

By means of up to 16 freely programmable digital IOs, the tasks of small controllers can be mapped as well as the emulation of «exotic» interfaces. For the system integration of the DIOs and the serial interfaces, EFCO provides extensive design-in support in German, as well as comprehensively documented software tools including the source code of example applications. For example, the serial interfaces can be switched between RS-232/422/485 via BIOS or API. This simplifies communication with PLCs, CNC controls or converters because no additional converter hardware is required.

The USB interfaces of all EFCO IPCs can also be switched on and off dynamically via API. This enables, for example, a hardware reset or the permanent shutdown of a USB device remotely, without anyone having to be on site or the control cabinet having to be opened.

With its design-in support, even for small quantities, EFCO ensures that the components used fit together perfectly. In addition, the Deggendorf-based company does not use any components from the consumer sector in order to ensure high performance and long-term operational stability of their IPCs.


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