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Baumüller presents intelligent and energy-efficient drive concepts at the SPS 2022

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At this year’s SPS exhibition from November 8 through 10, 2022, the main focus is on the topics of sustainability, energy efficiency and digitalization. In Hall 1, Stand 560, Baumüller will be showing, among other things, how, with intelligent drive and automation technology, machine manufacturers and end users can determine and optimize the CO2 footprint of their machines and systems, in order to reduce energy costs significantly.

The following highlights will be presented live:

Boost your Performance. Reduce your Footprint

Alongside the current b maXX 5×00 series, Baumüller will be showing the most important innovation in its product portfolio, the future servo controller generation, the b_maXX 6×00, for the first time at the SPS. This offers even better scalability, as well as additional safety features, and smart Industry 4.0 functions, such as the energy monitoring integrated in the drive. Besides the space-saving b maXX 6300 module systems, the 6500 devices will also become even more compact. The installed volume reduces by up to 50 percent, depending on the size. The peak powers of the b maXX 6500 mono devices have also been increased. They achieve peak currents that are 30 to 50 percent higher.

Industry 4.0 functions:

Smart Sustainability: On the exhibition stand, a hybrid machine concept with electrical and servo-hydraulic axes shows how intelligent drive topologies minimize the CO2 footprint and save energy costs in operation. For example, during braking, the system’s kinetic energy can be converted into electrical energy and distributed to other axes by the DC link system.

Smart Energy Reduction: On the same exhibit, drive-based energy monitoring is used to present the energy consumption of the drive system transparently. This new software function assists in determining the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) and prepares for future documentation obligations within the scope of the EU’s Sustainable Product Initiative (SPI). With this function, for example, after a reference run, the travel distance can be optimized in energy terms and thus the CO2 footprint of the end product can be reduced.

Smart Value: With this function, director is acquired directly in the process by the intelligent sensor/actuator level, are preprocessed, among other things with the help of AI, and are used to optimize the machine. Various exhibits will show how the data available in the servo drive, such as power, electricity, torque, speed or position, can be used intelligently for example, to register the current capacity utilization of the motor-drive combination. In this case, the servo drive functions as a data hub. If the available data is insufficient, with external sensors, the drive and the motor can also easily be used as a sensor hub.

Rapid Engineering: Baumüller offers numerous software templates for all kinds of different industries. With these, machine modules or complete applications can be automated quickly and conveniently. For example, the 3-AxisFlex template contains all basic movement control functions as the basis for multi-axis applications. It includes the blocks of the Motion Control, Coordinated Motion and Advanced Motion libraries. In addition, apart from the necessary libraries, adaptable PLC and HMI templates are also included, for example.

ProDrive und ProSimulation: In another use case, Baumüller shows how the digital twin supports the design and optimization of the drive system. ProSimulation and ProDrive enable fast and guided commissioning of machines and offer number drive optimization functions. As a result, time and costs can be saved in the project, since optimizations can be made to the model of the digital twin without having to physically set up the machine beforehand.

New 3-phase synchronous motor DS3-160W

The new DS3-160W 3-phase motor has an impressive new aluminum housing, in which the water cooling is integrated. The water connections have also been optimized again. This enables easier connection and more compact installation of the motor. Another positive aspect: The pressure drop in the cooling circuit is reduced by up to 80 percent. This means that smaller pumps can be used in the cooling unit. This has a positive effect on the total costs of ownership, since the acquisition costs for the pump system are reduced and therefore electricity costs for operation of the pump are saved. In addition, the consumption of resources used to manufacture the motor is reduced by the material selection. This contributes to a smaller product carbon footprint (PCF) for the overall machine. Thanks to the intelligent design, the motor weight is reduced significantly, which leads to lower loading of the machine’s mechanics.

Apart from using new motors, it is also easily possible to changeover the motors from DS2-160W to DS3-160W, since the mechanical interfaces and performance data are virtually identical.

Green in Motion powered by Baumüller

The Baumüller Group covers the entire life cycle of the machine construction – and thus has starting points in every stage of the value change in order to have a positive influence on the degree of sustainability. The range of products and services extends from an energy-efficient drive package to energy management in production of extending the machine’s life through retrofitting. In the area of e-mobility, Baumüller offers highly efficient drive systems for use on land or at sea.

On the exhibition stand, the group will show examples of energy-efficient drive technology and how this can reduce energy and resource consumption long-term.

Autonomous mobile robots (AMR): Productivity increase in production and in intralogistics

As an engineering firm, Baumüller Anlagen-Systemtechnik has been implementing production automation solutions for its clients for many years. In the meantime, the demand for flexibly usable and easy to integrate systems for intralogistics and production is also increasing. Baumüller offers turnkey solutions for the agile production of the future, in which autonomous mobile robots (AMR) are used. Use of AMR systems can reduce process costs and increase productivity significantly, e.g. in intralogistics, in test and diagnostics technology, in the manufacturing and production industry as well as in the pharmaceutical and health care sector.

Together with SESTO Robotics, Baumüller offers the whole range of products and services, from the design through to integration on the customer’s premises as well as associated services. AMRs can be combined, for example, with articulated robots for assembly/component placement tasks or used for internal material flow. They increase productivity in production and logistics through shortened travel paths, faster transportation times and flexibility in the use of materials and tools.

Life-cycle management worldwide

In addition to the development and manufacture of automation components, Baumüller as a group of companies provides numerous services for mechanical and plant engineering and for machine operators. From project planning, design and engineering through assembly and commissioning to maintenance, retrofitting and relocation, Baumüller offers support over the entire life cycle of machines and systems. With over 40 branches worldwide, Baumüller is a reliable service partner with decades of experience. Baumüller attaches particular importance to the sustainable and resource-saving production of intelligent drive and automatization solutions.

SPS 2022, November 8 – 10, 2022Hall 1, Stand 560 – NürnbergMesse, Nuremberg


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