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KEBA Industrial Automation at SPS 2022

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KEBA focuses on the areas of digitization, HMI, easy integration and operation of robot solutions and the KEBA platform for software and hardware: Kemro X

This year, KEBA Industrial Automation chose the motto of the SPS trade fair: «It’s All About Listening. And Understanding».

Martin Schwarz, CSO of KEBA Industrial Automation: «Especially now, when there are also communication formats that are very fast, and in times when markets, products and company strategies are developing very quickly, it is all the more important to listen carefully. Because only those who listen carefully understand what the business partner wants. Only those who listen and understand well can translate the requirements into unique, tailor-made solutions.”


In the run-up to the trade fair, KEBA invites visitors to register for games at the trade fair stand. Various operating devices from KEBA are used in games from the 1980s such as ‘Moonlander’, ‘Space Invaders’ and ‘BrickBuilder’. Visitors can thus get to know and evaluate different operating approaches and give feedback to KEBA employees. “We chose this format because this is the only way visitors can actively engage with the HMI approaches. This creates dialogue, which in turn leads to the trade fair motto ‘It’s all about listening. And understanding’,» says Filip Miermans, Head of Marketing and Communications at KEBA Industrial Automation.

Key areas of KEBA Industrial Automation at SPS 2022

The KEBA team will emphasize the following on a stand area of more than 330m²:

KEBA is a full-range supplier and therefore a perfect partner for companies that are looking for or need technological depth and breadth in terms of automation.

Furthermore, the automation specialist from Austria will use its extensive industry experience, e.g. B. emphasize in the plastics industry or robotics.

A third focus is to underline the fact that KEBA is strong in developing solutions together with customers – keyword customizing.

1 – Connectivity, energy efficiency and digitization – challenges that run through all industries. Some specific examples at product level:

Digitization: solutions for vibration monitoring and sensorless condition Monitoring of a complete powertrain – based on the Kemro X platform and applicable to any application

Energy efficiency: active supply units, efficient operation of our robotics

Connectivity: Standardization of our interface world with a focus on OPC-UA and the corresponding information models with the aim of ‘Plug & Produce’

2 – KeTop Safe Wireless: one operator panel for many machines

Companies grow, and so do their production lines and machine parks – it is not uncommon for different machine generations from different manufacturer brands to meet. These should communicate with each other without restrictions, but should also be able to be operated uniformly.

What is needed is a highly flexible one-for-all HMI solution based on the modular principle. If this is still wireless, machine and robot operators benefit from maximum flexibility and efficiency and operate where they have the best view of the process.

3 – Easy to operate and program robotic solutions

The requirements for robots are changing rapidly. Humans and robots are working together more and more frequently, areas that are heavily characterized by manual work are becoming increasingly automated, mass production is increasingly being replaced by small batch sizes and individual customizing is in increasing demand.

But do you really need someone with special know-how for every robot adaptation? Can’t the integration of robotic solutions in the production environment be made easier? The answer is: yes, it is possible to quickly and independently implement or adapt robot applications without expert knowledge or extensive training.

The prerequisite for this is a corresponding software solution, such as drag&bot, with which industrial robots can also be easily operated and programmed by production employees.

4 – Kemro X – the KEBA automation platform as a comprehensive framework

As a complete automation system for hardware and software, Kemro X covers everything that a machine manufacturer needs for his smart factory: all mobile and stationary panels, drives and hardware variants as well as the engineering tool are integrated in it. The system is structured in modules that can be used like smartphone apps. Modules from KEBA, customer-specific or Linux-based standard modules can be used.

Thanks to the Linux-based openness, customers can integrate their own software modules and software from third-party providers, thereby protecting knowledge and maintaining their independence. The open system architecture enables the required interprocess communication. Following the modular principle, KEBA has developed an extensive range of software units that machine manufacturers can use for all automation projects: from engineering tools to simulation tools. More on this


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