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Hengstler’s RI58-H incremental encoder for use in tight installation spaces

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The RI58-H incremental encoder from Hengstler, which features a through hollow shaft and user-friendly synchronous flange mounting, requires only minimal installation space and achieves high precision due to the integrated shaft coupling.

Synchro flange mounting and an internal coupling element make the RI58-H hollow shaft incremental encoder from Hengstler a universal, flexible and robust encoder also for applications in harsh environments. Due to its high shock resistance the encoder is suitable for use in machine tools, CNC axes and textile machines [100 g = 1,000 m/s² (6 ms)]. The risk of incorrect installation is significantly reduced.

To minimize the concentricity tolerances inherent in hollow shaft encoders the Hengstler RI58-H is equipped with an integrated double Cardan shaft coupling with a centric star disc. This special design ensures precise parallelogram offset and high signal precision – crucial for applications that require precise absolute precision combined with a high resolution. Synchro flange mounting also allows completely free synchronization of the zero point.

The RI58-H incremental encoder can be used on shafts with diameters of up to 12 mm and has a line count from 1 to 5000. The single components of the encoder are laser welded for a long service life. Thanks to an operating range from –10 to +70 °C and encapsulated Opto-ASIC technology, the encoder can also be used in harsh environments.


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