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JAT Multi-axis system sets new standards in terms of accuracy at SPS 2022

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Exhibitors from all over the world will once again be presenting the latest products, innovations and trends for electrical automation at the SPS in Nuremberg this year. JAT will also be there from November 8th to 10th, 2022 . With the FAST Four-Axis-System for Pick’n’Place (FAST 4PnP), the specialist for drive solutions is presenting a new positioning and movement solution in which air bearing technology and composite materials (CFRP) have been combined for the first time. In Hall 4 at Stand 358 , those who are interested can find out all the details about the system and its possible uses.

«With our innovative multi-axis system, you can use a laser, for example a fiber laser, highly dynamic and ultra-precise process . The corresponding dynamic has the advantage that the material to be processed does not burn. The accuracy gives corners and radii a clean, precise contour. In addition, you could work simultaneously, i.e. attach another tool to the other side of the axis and let them run against each other,» says Volker Hille from Business Development at JAT – Jenaer Antriebstechnik GmbH.

With the FAST 4PnP , JAT has developed a special motion system to meet very high demands on accuracy and dynamics. To do this , the drive experts combined niche technologiesof classic mechanical engineering and combined their advantages. In the gantry system, a lightweight axis is moved with a slide made of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic . Due to its high mechanical and thermal resilience, the composite material CFRP is predestined for this application. In addition, JAT replaced roller bearing guides with air bearings for a smooth process . Accelerations of 100 m/s 2 and higher can be implemented. The granite foundation offers high thermal stability and very good vibration damping. The multi-axis system positions with repeat accuracy in the two- digit nanometer range .


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