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Pilz offers the world’s first AGV traffic and order management software

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Pilz is expanding its offer for the safe use of automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS): In cooperation with NAiSE GmbH, the expert for material flow automation, the automation company Pilz offers the world’s first traffic and order management software for all participants in intralogistics – for humans as well as transport systems. Thanks to precise, real-time localisation, NAiSE Traffic can be used to implement AGVS applications safely and efficiently. The aim: higher productivity in intralogistics.

Via the sensor infrastructure and intelligent – as well as integrated and manufacturer-independent – communication, the traffic and order management software NAiSE Traffic analyses the flow of traffic and goods in intralogistics applications, in real-time. The software coordinates and controls traffic involving all parties – humans and industrial trucks such as AGVS or forklifts. As a result, operators have a complete, manufacturer-independent material flow automation solution. Congestion, bottlenecks, shortages or accidents are avoided. This increases safety and optimises traffic control – for greater transparency, efficiency and productivity.

Pilz is expanding its comprehensive solutions package in the field of intralogistics to include the traffic and order management software from the Stuttgart-based start-up NAiSE. For the safe automation of automated guided vehicles (AGV) or vehicle systems (AGVS), Pilz offers an extensive portfolio of safety components with sensor and control technology, as well as a security solution.

Pilz also provides support with corresponding services for vehicles and applications – in compliance with the standard ISO 3691-4, including CE marking. This way, Pilz gives manufacturers and operators a complete package for safe, productive intralogistic applications.

Pilz and NAiSE at SPS 2022

At the international exhibition SPS Smart Production Solutions from 8-10 November, visitors to the Pilz stand can try out how the NAiSE traffic and order management software works in a simulation. Experts from Pilz and NAiSE will be there to advise visitors about the safe operation of AGVS.


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