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SEW Generation X.e helical and bevel-helical gear units

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After launching Generation X.e in 2019, SEW EURODRIVE is once again setting new technology standards. As before, all possibilities and crossover influences were analyzed during the mechanical and thermal design process. This has resulted in a gear unit size saving, improved safety, and enhanced efficiency and sustainability.

Digital data models and the latest calculation methods lay the foundations for a further improvement in the performance of Generation X.e. SEW EURODRIVE continuously factors the findings of field / test stand trials and simulations into its own calculations, thereby improving their accuracy and reliability. The mechanical and thermal design of the X..e series was once again precisely evaluated on this basis. In conjunction with the component optimizations already implemented in the past, this results in even higher thermal limit ratings, a much longer bearing service life, and higher nominal torques. Moreover, larger application angles are now permissible with the maximum overhung load.

One potential result of these optimizations for users is a smaller gear unit size. Besides reducing the oil volume, energy consumption and total cost of ownership (TCO), this also means these users’ own designs are lighter and take up less space. Particularly in the case of drives that are subject to high loads, mechanical safety – and thus the potential for preventing damage – is also further improved. What’s more, a lower oil-bath temperature and a higher bearing service life mean less frequent maintenance during operation.

With 23 finely graduated sizes, Generation X.e helical and bevel-helical gear units cover a torque range of 7,2 to 500 kNm. The comprehensive modular range, together with the large number of pre-defined accessories and options, delivers optimum flexibility for adapting to the application in question. System manufacturers and operators alike will find that Generation X.e offers the ideal solution for any requirement.


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