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New LED built-in light Multicolour 241 (MC35 for short) from WERMA

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With the new LED built-in light Multicolour 241 (MC35 for short) from WERMA, the user can signal several states with just one light – with up to seven colors. The compact light has the UL approval required for the USA and the high degree of protection IP69k. This makes it possible to use it under extreme conditions and around the world.

The MC35 LED installation beacon combines a bright and eye-catching illuminated surface with excellent visibility and robustness. It has a diameter of 35 mm and stands out 33 mm from the surface when installed. This makes it a good choice wherever installation space is limited.

The compact signaling device offers up to seven colors in one light: red, yellow, green, white, blue, violet and turquoise. Alternatively, a tricolor version is available, which combines the most common color combination of red, yellow and green in one signaling device. Control is via M12 connector – for plug & play. So you can signal several states with only one device!!

Highest attention due to loud addition

In many applications, it is necessary to amplify the optical signal with an acoustic signal. The new optical-audible combination 241 is the optimal solution for this: The bright and long-lasting LED installation beacon combined with a loud buzzer. This signals with a 3,600 Hz continuous tone and a volume of 80 dB.

Easy installation and maintenance-free LED

Thanks to M22 mounting dimensions, the signaling device can be easily installed in single-hole mounting. The bit-coded control enables the display of the three basic colors green, yellow, red with only two PLC outputs. With additional outputs the colors blue, turquoise, violet and white can be activated.

Once installed, you don’t have to think about the light anymore: With its long service life of up to 50,000 hours, you ha-ve a durable and reliably maintenance-free luminaire. In addition, despite its versatile performance features, the MC35 recessed luminaire is very economical and requires only 25 to 45 mA, depending on the variant.

UL approval and high protection class IP 69K for worldwide use

In contrast to CE marking, UL certification is not a legal requirement. However, WERMA Signaltechnik has decided to certify the LED flush-mount beacon MC35 according to UL standards. This enables the product to be used worldwide and guarantees product safety around the globe.

The IP69K standard is the highest protection class for electrical equipment and guarantees protection against solid objects, liquids, steam and dust. Water cannot penetrate even at close distances, very high pressures and high temperatures. This allows problem-free work with high-pressure cleaning systems.

Versatile use

Thanks to its seven colors, the LED installation beacon can be used in a variety of ways: for example, it signals malfunctions or statuses on the machine’s control panel, in the machine housing or on control cabinets. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the light is also ideally suited for mobile machines as well as automation and large systems with many process steps. Thanks to its high IP 69k protection rating, the luminaire is also frequently used in the food processing, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries, where all equipment must meet washdown requirements and is regularly exposed to high-pressure water jets.


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