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SEW EURODRIVE is expanding PPK series of planetary gear units

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Whether the task involves conveying, crushing or preparing, the PPK series planetary gear units from SEW EURODRIVE are the perfect solution for all heavy-duty applications that require a robust, compact design and high gear ratios.

In the sizes 010 and 017, the gear unit is available for the torque range 10 700 Nm to 17 650 Nm. As a three-stage design, it previously covered a gear ratio range of 71 to 390. In combination with the primary gearmotors of the 7-series gear unit range, it can now also cover applications with low output speeds. The space-saving addition of helical gear units or bevel-helical gear units enables gear ratios up to i = 17 650

On the output side, there is now also the option of a hollow shaft design with shrink disk. This results in a wide variety of input and output options, enabling users to always select the drive that fits the requirements of their application.


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