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Transtecno gearmotors for wrapping machines

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One of the most important and varied sectors when it comes to applications is definitely the packaging industry. Transtecno gear motors are widely used an lots of types of machinery, from the simplest conveyor belts to the more complex packaging and bottling machinery.

The most widespread packaging applications include wrapping machinery and specifically those with rotary arm. These are machines designed for fast winding for packaging of different sizes, even unstable, using plastic stretch film.

Our Alu and Iron ranges adapt perfectly to this type of machinery, which needs three different movements and therefore, different gear motors:

  • Cast iron helical parallel or helical bevel gearmotors to move rotary arms
  • Aluminium wormgearmotor to adjust the height of the stretch film and move the conveyor belt at the base.

All gear motors can be paired with the AC motors from the SM series, which have IP66 certification and are available in different versions: forced ventilation, self-braking and with UL/CSA certification.


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