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FINDER OPTA – ARDUINO micro PLC with Industrial IoT capabilities

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The 2022 edition of SPS Smart Production Solutions trade show in Nuremberg (Germany) opens up with a new product launch from Finder. The company unveils its first ever PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC RELAY (PLR), a new and innovative option for engineers, designers and whoever wishes to add smart logic to a control cabinet, machine or any other industrial automation or building automation project.

OPTA represents a complete range of PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC RELAYS (PLR as opposed to PLC, programmable logic controllers, continuing on the brands’ history of innovation and quality in switching technologies), which are perfect to create simple applications in industrial automation, OEM and building automation.

Programmable both with traditional licensed languages (Ladder, FBD, others) as well as with an innovative, free and open source language (IDE / ARDUINO).

For OPTA, Finder decided to partner with Arduino Pro, to leverage the brand’s signature open-source, easy-to-use platform, in addition to the widely known Arduino sketch programming experience, adding up an integrated optional suite of standard IEC 61131-3 PLC languages, such as LADDER, FBD, etc.

MADE IN ITALY by Finder, CE and UL certified and designed for industrial grade applications, Opta combines the brands’ 70 years of experience, signature quality built and reliability with the Arduino’s ecosystem flexibility and innovative approach, for a truly one- of-a- kind device.


Opta is powered by ST’s new STM32H747XI dual-core Cortex®-M7+M4 MCU which enables the PLR to perform real-time operations as well as predictive maintenance functionalities.

It is ready for the future, as it supports OTA (over the air) firmware updates while ensuring data security from the hardware to the Cloud, thanks to the onboard secure element and X.509 Standard compliance.

Designed with ease of implementation in mind, it leverages Arduino Pro’s vast range of readily available software libraries and sketches for any kind of application. This can help reduce programming times up to several days, depending on the application’s complexity.


To meet and exceed every user’s expectations Finder Opta is available in three versions:

  • Opta LITE with Ethernet IP connectivity and USB-C programming port,
  • Opta PLUS which adds up RS485 half duplex connectivity interface, and
  • Opta ADVANCED, the most innovative and complete option, featuring Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Low Energy.

All three variants feature 12-24 V DC supply, 8 both digital & analog (0-10V) inputs as well as 4 relay outputs with NO 10 A contact, USB type C for programming and data logging and RJ45 for Ethernet or ModBus TCP/IP connections.


Application possibilities are truly endless thanks to the device’s power, connectivity options and Arduino’s easy to use, huge library of sketches/programs. Customers can easily integrate OPTA into an existing project, simply enhancing the machines’ functionality by adding a remote connection (using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi).

Interoperability with existing Finder devices is also easily done. Energy meters, contactors, switching supplies, relays and many other devices can be connected to OPTA, keeping everything under control locally via HMI or remotely thanks to real-time dashboards which can be created with the intuitive Arduino Cloud (or third-party services).


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