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EL8601-8411 EtherCAT Terminal for up to twelve signal interfaces

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Beckhoff’s new EL8601-8411 EtherCAT Terminal offers maximum flexibility in a compact design as a 12-channel multi-interface which is only 12 mm wide. It is therefore particularly suitable for applications where only a few complex signals are required as well as in special-purpose machine building, where its highly flexible signal configuration enables minimized storage.

The EL8601-8411 EtherCAT Terminal offers a combination of up to 12 signal interfaces (8 x DI, 2 x DO, 1 x AI, 1 x AO) and up to nine different signal types. Thanks to the large number of configurable combinations, it offers a compact solution for applications where only a few complex signals are required – for example, as an ideal complement to the CX7000 Embedded PC.

In addition to the digital inputs and outputs, one analog input and one analog output can be configured as a current or voltage signal. The digital inputs with configurable filter times can also be used for 24 V HTL encoders with A/B track incl. latch and gate function or as an up/down counter with a counting frequency of up to 100 kHz.

Two of the digital outputs can be used as a PWM signal that can be modulated in both pulse width and frequency in a range of 20 Hz to 25 kHz. This allows the EL8601-8411 to be used in an extremely flexible manner, e.g., in digital/analog, counter/PWM/analog, or encoder/PWM/analog configuration.


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