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TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP UA1995 Higher, wider and flexibly openable

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Plenty of space for lines and hoses of all kinds: This is a key feature of the UA1995. The chain has an inner height of 80 mm and inner widths of 85-250 mm, even up to 600 mm are possible on request. At the same time, it convinces with the well-known advantages of the all-rounder series UNIFLEX Advanced.

Because machines today have to fulfill more and more functions, the number of special cables is constantly increasing. TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP reacted to this development with the UA1995. Thanks to the generous installation space, the cable carrier is well prepared for all challenges in mechanical engineering, machine tool construction or with portals and axes.

For uncomplicated line assignment, the UA1995 is available in a version that can be opened on both sides — in addition to the closed versions as well as the versions that can be opened on the inside and outside. Because time is money, the designers have also paid attention to the simplest possible assembly: the four-part chain links can be stored or transported in a space-saving manner and are very easy to assemble on site.

In addition, the energy supply is also particularly smooth-running and low-wear and convinces with a smoother feel. The energy chain is equipped with UMB connecting pieces made of stable plastic, which has a strength comparable to aluminum. Rear grips on the stop also improve the strength and enable better force transmission. The small pitch of 99.5mm results in optimal running smoothness.


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