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SEW‑EURODRIVE PxG Planetary servo gearmotor with compact mounting

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Using a new shaft hub connection has made the installation length of PxG®CM3C.. planetary servo gearmotors considerably shorter. The detachable interface between CM3C.. servomotors and PxG® planetary gear units enables rapid assembly and disassembly, which makes tasks such as replacing a motor quick and easy.

The high-precision planetary gear units and the servomotors have been optimized for compact mounting. This has significantly reduced the installation length and inertia compared to a design with a clamping ring. The positive connection is easy to establish, which ensures reliable torque and speed transmission. When disassembling the servomotor, for example, just four connection screws need to be unfastened to separate it from the gear unit.

Optimizing the geometrical interface has also further reduced friction losses for the drive as a whole. This not only boosts efficiency, but also reduces the motor current required. Using the Premium Sine Seal oil seal ensures a long service life and virtually eliminates the risk of premature failure due to leakage. The drive unit is delivered having already been assembled and tested, so there is no need for customers to spend time on gear unit and motor assembly.

PxG® helical planetary gear units are available in three performance classes and cover a torque range of 20 to 6500 Nm. Performance class 5 has been developed for use in dynamic applications, while the planetary gear units in performance class 6 are suitable for applications with a high cyclic duration factor. Performance class 7 impresses with its precise positioning and enormous power density, which comes from utilizing the highest permissible acceleration torques.

CM3C.. synchronous servomotors have been optimized for applications where large loads need to be moved safely and precisely. There are numerous options that can be used in almost any combination for the four sizes, each in three different installation lengths. A variety of encoder systems, brake versions and types of cooling ensure solutions can be adapted to perfectly fit customers’ specific needs.


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