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SIKO WH3600M Compact magnetic rotary encoder with hollow shaft

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Used for accurate position and speed measurement, rotary encoders must above all have two qualities: be compact and robust as possible. The new absolute encoders WV3600M and WH3600M meet exactly these requirements and are therefore predestined for use in mobile machines. Both have been specially developed to meet the requirements of commercial machinery and are characterized by robustness, reliability and efficiency.

With an outer diameter of only 36 mm, the WV3600M and WH3600M rotary encoders are extremely compact, so that they can be used in the smallest installation spaces for position measurement. Based on the magnetic measuring principle, up to 65536 revolutions can be detected absolutely. Thanks to the mechatronic multiturn, no additional battery is required for this, which means that the sensors work particularly wear-free and maintenance-free. Both encoders are optionally available with a CANopen or SAE J1939 interface. These enable not only the fast and reliable transmission of position and status information, but also simple integration into the overall system. The two rotary encoders differ only in their mechanical design. The WV3600M is available with different solid shaft variants and common mounting methods. On the other hand, the WH3600M, can be mounted directly on a rotating shaft due to the hollow shaft used. This means that less installation space is required.

Developed for use in mobile machines

Equipped with SIKO PURE.MOBILE technology, the two rotary encoders are ideally suited for rugged use in mobile machines. They always supply accurate and reliable position values even in a wide temperature range from -40 to +85° C. Both sensors are already available in the standard version with salt mist-resistant housing. The sensors have a protection class up to IP67 to provide protection against penetrating water and foreign objects. Since construction and agricultural machines are usually cleaned with high-pressure cleaners, a version with protection class IP6K9K is optionally available. Electromagnetic interference is a challenge for sensors. However, the WV3600M and the WH3600M were developed according to the requirements for commercial vehicles and therefore have high EMC immunity. In addition, the rotary encoders are tested according to the UN ECE R10 and are also suitable for use on public roads thanks to the accompanying E1 approval of the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

One encoder – many possibilities

The encoders can be configured flexibly thanks to the innovative design and a variety of electrical and mechanical options. M12 plugs or cable outlet, solid or hollow shaft, single turn or multi-turn as well as different mounting types are possible. As a result, they can be integrated quickly and easily into the system. In addition, the two rotary encoders are optionally available with GERMAN or AMP Superseal connectors.

Compact and robust draw-wire encoders

In combination with a SIKO draw-wire encoder, linear positions can also be detected absolutely and precisely at a distance of up to 15 m. Due to the particularly compact design, the cable pull transmitters are especially used in applications with limited installation space.

Specially developed for use in mobile machines, the absolute rotary encoder WH3600M provides reliable and precise measured values even under the toughest environmental conditions. Available as a singleturn and multiturn version and with an outer diameter of only 36 mm, it can also be mounted in applications with limited installation space. Despite the compact design, the WH3600M convinces with a wide variety of variants. In addition, the WH3600M has the optimum robustness thanks to its high degree of protection and salt mist-tested housing.


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