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Pressure Sensors for Industry 4.0 with IO-Link

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Networking is the keyword of the day. With IO-Link and pressure sensors transmitting wirelessly via Bluetooth, almost all processes can be monitored remotely. Presenting at this year’s electronica fair the wireless U5600 absolute and relative pressure sensor, the AMS 4516 differential pressure sensor with Bluetooth connection and the innovative P.Touch pressure switch with touch-screen operation and IO-Link interface, the Mainz-based company AMSYS has an unbeatable trio for all application cases in its product range.

Switching pressures just by fingertip? The brand new P.Touch pressure switch is operated via a color touch display for intuitive usage. The media-resistant pressure switch for hydraulic fluids or water is available for maximum pressures ranging from 10 bar to 600 bar. Two variable programmable switching outputs with 200 mA switching current allow direct connection of common relays and many valves. Alternatively, an analog output is available. The rotatable display and the (programmable) color coding allow a quick visual control, the IO-Link a remote control – Easy Predictive Maintenance!

Pressures in hard-to-reach plant areas can be monitored quickly and easily via Bluetooth-connected sensors. Battery lifetimes of over 2 years are no longer a problem thanks to the energy-saving BLE 5.1 protocol. The sensors can be read out either directly and easily via mobile app or via a gateway via the network. Cloud connection is also possible here.

With the pressure transducer U5600, AMSYS also offers a media-resistant Bluetooth sensor for absolute and relative pressure measurements. IP67-certified, it also qualifies for harsh environmental conditions. The measurable maximum pressures are between 350 mbar and 35 bar. The 24-bit data words have a measurement error that is less than 0.75% in most ranges.

The pressure transmitter AMS 4516 in matchbox format, on the other hand, can measure even the smallest pressure differences with an accuracy of less than 0.07 mbar. The available pressure ranges vary between 5 mbar and 1000 mbar. Bidirectional types (+/-5 mbar to +/- 1000 mbar) are also available. The sampling and transmission rate for the sensor readings can be set between 100 ms and 500 s via the app. The battery life depends on the configuration of the sensor and can be up to 3 years with a standard button cell of approx. 230 mAh.

AMSYS GmbH & Co. KG from Mainz, Germany is a specialist for standard products and customized adaptations for pressure, humidity and temperature sensors and transmitters.

Network pressure sensor technology from AMSYS at a glance

  • IO-Link or Bluetooth BLE
  • Partially additional switching or analog outputs
  • Partly additional operation on site via touch display
  • Pressure ranges relative: 0.35 … 600 bar
  • Pressure ranges absolute: 0.35 … 35 bar
  • Differential pressure ranges: (+/-)0.005 … (+/-)1 bar
  • Power supply via lithium battery (wireless versions) or 9 V … 30 V
  • Measuring precision from ±0.5 % to +/-1.5 % FSO, depending on type and measuring range
  • Customer specific adaptations possible
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  • Pressure Sensors for Industry 4.0

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