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New high-performance CPU for Nexto modular PLC

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Beijer Electronics has introduced the new BCS-NX3008 CPU for the Nexto Modular PLC for machine and process applications, offering the performance, connectivity and versatility required for Industry 4.0. With advanced software and cyber security functions, BCS-NX3008 with CODESYS based Software, provides you a complete solution for systems of different segments and complexities.

The proactive and multitasking operating system of the new BCS-NX3008 PLC CPU runs on a high-speed 64-bit ARM processor with a 1GHz clock, 3 times faster than previous line models. This enables the BCS-NX3008 to control more than 2,000 input and output points, as well as process complex arithmetic calculations, advanced control functions, and more than 1,000 PID loops in up to 2 milliseconds.

To ensure the integrity of the application where it is applied, the newest Altus CPU features 1 MB of retentive data memory. This feature, seen in most advanced control equipment, prevents the loss of operating data due to unexpected shutdowns or communication failures between the bus and the CPU.

Availability and high performance

In addition to highlights related to hardware upgrades, the BCS-NX3008 also introduces new software features for security, connectivity, and virtualization. One of these features is the built-in VPN, which creates a direct, private tunnel when connected to the CPU. This functionality allows you to access your company’s control network remotely and securely.

The CPU also supports FTP connections, allowing the device to exchange data with a server using the same technology. This functionality allows remote access to data packets generated by the controller, such as logs collected through a data logging function. Another new feature available on the BCS-NX3008 is the embedded Linux platform. The resource, native to the CPU, makes it possible to virtualize applications such as Unix-based software. The feature improves the versatility and speed of the operating system, allowing multiple data processing within the CPU.


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