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OMRON incorporates EtherCAT models to SCARA i4L robots

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OMRON has incorporated new models of the SCARA i4L series of robots with EtherCAT communication allowing the integrated robotic controller to synchronize the applications of several robots with EtherCAT models.

The i4L SCARA delivers quality along with scalability and integration flexibility well above its class. Thanks to a compact design and small footprint it is simple to install. The i4L offers easy integration with unique Ethernet or EtherCAT connectivity in the base, and together with the robotic integrated controller users can deploy multiple robots and reduce set up complexity and programming time. Its speed makes it ideal for material handling tasks, while freeing human resources for other tasks that maximize productivity.

“Thanks to the EtherCAT models, we have taken our SCARA robots to the next level. They can be implemented in a wide range of applications allowing for more productivity within the workplace,” Fernando Vaquerizo, Fixed and Cobots Product Marketing Manager at OMRON Europe, comments.

Key features and benefits of the i4L include:

  • 5 kg payload capacity
  • 350 mm, 450 mm, and 550mm reach options with table and wall mounting options
  • Robotic Integrated Controller NJ-R for multi robot applications with EtherCAT models
  • Stand Alone Ethernet models
  • Fast cycle time with an unprecedented range of movement and repeatability
  • Exceptionally powerful built-in servos to handle payloads with ease
  • Advanced and robust industrial design
  • Lowest total cost of ownership

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