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Industrial Panel PC with Elkhart Lake for IIoT

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To support the next generation of IoT devices, Intel has developed the Elkhart Lake generation of processors with integrated IoT functions, real-time performance and higher CPU and graphics performance. The new Panel PC series from compmall PPC2-CX-EHL-J1 is based on the Elkhart Lake Intel Celeron J6412 processor, which, with four cores, four threads and 1.5 MB L2 cache, has an up to 1.7-fold delivers improved single-thread performance and up to 1.5x multi-thread performance over the previous generation. Nevertheless, the processor with a 2.0 GHz base clock and 2.60 GHz burst frequency with 10 watt power loss (TDP) is one of the energy savers.

The robust and fanless PPC2-CX-EHL-J1 can be used for visualization and control directly on the production or assembly line as well as for operating machines and systems, even outdoors.

The Panel PC series PPC2-CX-EHL-J1 is available with display sizes of 8, 10, 12, 15, 17 and 19 inches. The 15 and 19 inch variants are also available in widescreen format. The LCD display with 10-finger capacitive touch has an anti-glare and anti-UV coating, the brightness reaches good values with a maximum of 500 cd/m², so that the displays are easy to read even outdoors. The 7H surface and the IP65 protection on the front protect the Panel PC in rugged applications.

8 GB LPDDR4 are already onboard. An M.2 M-Key slot is provided for data storage on the smaller models up to 10 inches. From 12 inches, a 2.5-inch SATA drive for HDD/SSD supplements the storage options. Two 2.5 Gb Ethernet ports are the interfaces to the network. An external display can be connected via an HDMI port. The number of additional interfaces and expansion slots depends on the display size. The smallest 8-inch panel PC offers two USB 2.0, two USB 3.2 Gen2, one RS-232 and one RS-232/422/485 port and for additional cards an M.2 B-Key slot and an M .2 M key slot. From 15 inches, four USB 2.0 are installed, plus two USB 3.2 Gen2 and also four RS-232 and one RS-232/422/485. Three M.2 slots are available for add-on cards, two M.2 B keys and one M.2 M key.

The integrated TPM module ensures data security and Windows 11 compatibility. The watchdog timer is programmable and allows automatic system reset. The panel PCs of the PPC2-CX-EHL-J1 series are attached via VESA 100 in the variants panel, wall, rack, stand and arm.


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